How To Take A Tick Off Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, Instructor Shannon will show you how to take a tick off your dog. There are many different parasites that can pose a threat to your pet. Fleas, ticks, ​and lice, to name a few. All are blood feasting and all transmit disease. Fleas can transfer viral and bacterial disease to both humans and dogs. Ticks can cause all sorts of illness including Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Even if no diseases are transmitted, parasites can turn into infestations, both on the dog and in the house, in no time. There are commercial products you can buy that help you remove ticks. We’ll use one of these tick removal products in today’s video.

Alternatively, you can use a pair of tweezers to pull the tick out. The goal is to remove the tick fully intact and not leave its head in your dog’s skin. Squeeze the tweezers on the tick as close to the skin as you can and remove by applying gentle pressure straight up. Do not turn the tweezers as this may cause the head to remain in the dog. This can cause irritation or infection. Be aware of any method that may cause the tick to regurgitate before releasing – things like rubbing it with cotton or applying soap work, but these methods will often result in the tick regurgitating before letting go and emptying toxins back into the dog.

If you don’t initially get all of the tick out, don’t try to dig it out. This can actually increase the likelihood of infection. Instead, watch the area closely for signs of infection (rash or irritation) and let your dog’s body naturally expel the foreign object. If you see signs of rash, irritation or your dog develops a fever, see your vet immediately.

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  1. I hope this didn't give anyone else "phantom itches" while watching this 😉 If you'd like to learn about a systematic approach to checking your dog for ticks and learn about some of the places that ticks try to hide on your dog, then this playlist is for you:
    Thanks for watching! ~Ken

  2. The crowbar-like end of that tool is kind of pointless and is actually more dangerous since it is squeezing the abdomen of the tick forcing it to release all the toxins back into your dog.'s bloodstream. The best way to remove the tick is to use a tweezers that actually pinches only the head of the tick instead of the abdomen.

  3. This is exactly how NOT to do it. Just twist them off, using a modified wooden clothes peg, the tick will release its jaws when it has had enough twisting, usually 4-5 twists. Pulling just risks the head being pulled off and is more painful for the dog.

  4. It's so much easier to twist slowly two times anti-clockwise, slip a thin piece of plastic with a small V shape cut out of it, slip it under and turn slowly, it will simply come away with no pulling. Works every time no pulling or tugging as the tick will place more bacteria and toxins into the body. This works best out it comes full head and all!

  5. I trying get the tick off my dog with a spoon 🥄 and am still scared

  6. I wanted to know how other people dispose of ticks. I just squish them in my finger nails and scrape them on the ground so their bodies get torn apart. My dogs live in the backyard

  7. I just use my nail to grab it

  8. Like to give ned a treat plus my dog is hyper so he would move

  9. I hate ticks it really gross🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢

  10. Our dog is freaking out when we try to remove the tick in one of her legs!

  11. the legs still in the dog

  12. Thank you so much! Now my little pup is gonna be tick-free! Again: Thank you!

  13. Hello! I have a question, We we're removing a tick from our dog but the head was still there, At the end we couldn't get it out. Do you have any tips to remove the head when it's stuck?

  14. I have a dog and she lives outside and has a bunch tics around her body and we just pull it out and so we have a bunch of heads in her body

  15. Trust me I'm grossed out, but I like dogs being helped so here I am

  16. Indeed, try to do this on my dog, this long, all these methods are useless

  17. I’m only doing this cuz my mom said she’ll pay for minecraft

  18. had a tic in our dog this tool worked great only cost $10 at ace hardware… thanks for sharing…..

  19. I removed one off my dog. Does that mean that my dog is has eggs it hair? Is my home going to be filled with eggs??

  20. I either throw the tick in bleach or burn the fucker. If it bites my animal it's gonna suffer.

  21. Your dog is really pretty

  22. My dog had a tick we removed it but she was left with a bump, should I worry? Please help!!!!

  23. Oh I flushed it down the toilet, once my mom took it out but I think the head was left inside. How do you check? And what do you look for?

  24. How would you know if that Tick gave your Dog Lyme disease? How to you kill the tick afterwards?

  25. I'd rather pay someone to do it

  26. You should use the little tool you can get from a vet and twist, not pull, as pulling could leave the head in the skin and cause infection.

  27. how to remove ticks from dogs body?

  28. Literally a 1 sec job. I can remove like 10/sec.

  29. When i see a tick in my dog i will ack crazy because i see the tick that will die

  30. Just do it fast you tolk after removing the thing this people God

  31. Look at that peace dove on her forehead

  32. After watching your very helpful video we also consulted our vet. They said not to pull straight on the tick as if you got it wrong you might leave the head in. They recommended getting the tick nice and far into the "V" shaped slot and then rotating the "tweezers" round and round in a clockwise direction until the tick came free. Being our vet, we followed this advice and it worked fine. The tick came out alive with head still on. It took about 15 seconds so a little bit quicker than the method in the video and without any danger of the tick popping.

  33. We did this with tweezers but problem is everyone was screaming because they were scared of the tick 😖

  34. Something appeared in the same place on my dog today. Back of the neck. I'm not sure how to identify it as a tick.

  35. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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