How to Mine DogeCoin Fast! GUIMiner Setup and Tutorial


If you don’t know how to mine DogeCoins by the time you are reading this then leave a comment and I will help.

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  1. is down. How can we do this today in 2020?

  2. I've earned 70,000 doges a month from this site.Play and win – pay regularly, invest only 300 doge!

  3. free dogecoin? register here

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    note: don't forget your dogecoin userid save it to your note pad


  4. I think im stuck syncronizing with the network

  5. Hey in GuiMiner it says 'Command line options set a device that doesnt exist'

  6. It's pronounced with a hard g, like saying dohg. When you say it as dohj it refers to a type of ruler.

  7. it says the pool is colseong down

  8. mine when i went into edit acount there was no payment adress?
    what i do

  9. Thank you very much! Muchísimas gracias!

  10. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with this. Once i get everything set up, it works, but it doesn't send anything to my account. Each site I've used will say that my worker is inactive, yet I'm running GUIminer at that second. What's going on?

  11. mining coins fast is easy for you to say when you have a 7xxx card :/

  12. allways says me invalid coin address.. help me please? ;(

  13. Now I am getting ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack

  14. How long should it take for Rapidhash to update? It's been 20 minutes and I've received 50 shares on  GUIMiner, but I don't see anything on Rapidhash… is definitely the server name? And username is our username on Rapidhash.worker name, correct? As in, my worker's name is george and my account name is mrmonkey, username is, not just george? And password is password of the worker, no?

  15. Nicely done. Thanks for the info

  16. hey mate i'm having trouble when using guiminer, i always get "Shares: 0 accepted" and it just keeps connecting and never really starts… I'm using "stratum+tcp://" as host and port 3333

  17. Mine keeps repeating that it has connection problems, please help

  18. nowiv got 2 shares but nothin is updating on rapidhash

  19. my gui doesnt ask if i want to use stratum wth is this

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