How to: Install Microsoft Office 2013 64-bit

I demonstrate how to custom install the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.

A clip of Excel 2013 impressing me:


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  1. hey thanks for that.  Unfortunately some of the new discs just go to the first setup Exe, if you go into the disc and into the Office folder you'll see a 64 bit version or a 32 bit version and then you're away.

  2. very entertaining, thanks for posting as I enjoyed this video 😀

  3. Thanks. I've had some Windows 8 customization footage that I haven't got around to editing yet. So that's on the way. I recently uploaded a short clip of Excel 2013's mind-reading auto-fill. It isn't much, but I'll post a link in the description of this video.

  4. Again, great video. I like your installation videos (Windows 8 and Office 2013). Do you plan on making follow-up videos elaborating on your experiences so far with Microsoft's newest software releases? If not, could you let me know in a response about your experiences with the new Windows 8 and Office 2013? Thank you, in advance.

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