How to install iGameGuardian

How to install iGameGuardian on a jailbroken iOS device.

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iGameGuardian :
Milkyway :

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  1. @TheGameExploiter Please help quickly which emulator do you use?

  2. It really works in csr?

  3. Why do u have a windows mouse point?

  4. Hello, after you select the app (csr2) in iGG it goes gray, but you do after that? just wait until open the code?

  5. funciona en ios 13.5??

  6. im waiting for my IGG bc i have bought and maybe it pop ups reciept number im still waiting

  7. First of.

    How do u get cydia tf.

  8. "2019….Awesome"
    "2020….Thinking Otherwise"
    "For New and Updated Version I only Install Using:" 𝐍𝐔𝐊𝐄𝐑 .𝐁𝐔𝐙𝐙 🚩
    Using it since April!

  9. It said failed to connect to package for me.

  10. Been on this Disc server a while, can’t seem to get help. Wish this worked…

  11. How do I get it for free, I know it’s only 4 bucks but still I can’t get a credit card to pay for it

  12. Mine only shows 2 packages your shows 3 help plz

  13. So i payed for this tried to open the app and it gave me black screen, i reinstalled 12 speed still didn’t work, registered again and now it says (someone is already registered) what now?

  14. Cydia download link you can give me?

  15. The source says from ios 8 to 12.
    Will it work on ios 13.3?
    I have jailbroken.

  16. Does it work for iOS 13 ??


  18. You have to be a different kind of stupid to believe this guy

  19. milkyway not work for iphone 11 is there any way?

  20. The Game Exploiter does this method still work? It's that I already jailbroken my ipad and was wondering if this still works? I also want to say thank you again so much for your video about Gameguardian on android and it really worked on my phone 😁

  21. Who else is looking in the comments

  22. What’s the point for watching this video if you still gonna pay money

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