How to Install iGameGuardian 8.0 on iOS 8.x/9.x/10.2x-10.3x/11-11.3.1 (JAILBREAK)

iGameGuardian 8.0 (support iOS 8.x/9.x/10.2.x-10.3.x/11-11.1.2)

Website to register:

Cydia Source:

iOS 8.x/9.x/10.2.x-10.3.x/11-11.1.2 + JB (jailbreak)

To report issue, please provide:
1) WiFi MAC address
2) Error screenshots
3) PayPal transaction ID

Credit: Thanks to MisterMirza for how I found out about this.
Go check his YouTube channel here:
Go check out his video on iGameGuardian 8.0 here:


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  2. Thank you , but after payed still worked

  3. Can you help me mine let me in but stuck at progressing on search.

  4. I can’t install it make me pay and I’m just 11 I can’t use paypal


  6. I bought the igameguardian license on the website
    but install does not work
    Click show close
    I hope you help me fix it

  7. Really how about without cydia in safari because my cydia doesn't work!!!!!!

  8. If you have to pay to HACK ain’t Hacking idiots lol

  9. It gets stuck on processing pls help

  10. Can you talk any faster?

  11. I deleted the app by mistake and reinstalled it again but it’s not working now what to do and I sent you an email

  12. why does it cost money? its free on android

  13. What counts as a server game? Will party in my dorm work?

  14. fuck i have to paid 6 dollar cuz i deleted

  15. I want to hack six guns I tried changing my HP but it resets itself it’s not a server game everyone online is a hacker.

  16. Please make a tutorial on how to use this.

  17. If anyone needs help I can help and nice vid appletech

  18. So i actually got it to work and i can open the app now no prob, but what games can i even hack becuase it doesnt even let me hack subway surfers is this a bug or what ?

  19. Hey guys gameplayer repo ios 11?

  20. Lmao everyone download CyDown on cydia so you won’t have to buy it you can get the apps pay for free on the cydia

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