How to Groom a Shaggy-Haired Dog's Head : Dog Grooming

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When grooming a shaggy-haired dog’s head, work from side to side to stay symmetrical. Keep your shaggy dog’s hair balanced with the tips offered by a professional groomer in this free video on how to groom a shaggy-haired dog’s head.

Expert: Renee Bloom
Bio: Renee Bloom is a professional groomer certified in long legged terriers and non-sporting breeds.
Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

Series Description: Grooming your dog can be simple and pain-free when you use the right tools and techniques. Freshen up your dog’s look with the helpful tips outlined by a professional dog groomer in this free video series on dog grooming.


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  1. Why are u pulling o. His lower lip hair so hard

  2. Really don’t like how she handles the dog!

  3. This is great for mild manner dogs. How about for aggressive dogs?? Any tips for them??
    My Shih Tzu hates grooming…I struggles every time. 🙁

  4. She doesn't protect his eyes from those sharp scissors

  5. This is normal for a Professional Groomer, they tend to be a bit rougher and more mechanical than new or non groomers. My grooming teacher was like that, I found it a bit rough…I was a groomer afterwards and was never this rough with dogs (not thats its really rough)…I was juste more gentle, but also a new groomer. I would never pull so hard to see teeth when holding the chin… Im guessing with 3-5-10 years experience, it becomes a job, and time is money. If they would get paid more, they could take more time, and probably be gentler…

  6. And that’s how your not supposed to treat a dog that is behaving good, that’s disrespectful 🐶 if you treat my babyyy like that uuuhhh bitch you death !!!!lol

  7. That's a way to train them to hold still while grooming? any other ways? help someone…

  8. This lady makes this look extremely easy, she’s obviously very experienced. Tried with my little Yorker and was like trying to wrestle an alligator

  9. If you guys don't want her to cut your dogs hair alright cool. Maybe give more constructive feedback and maybe either cut your dog's hair, or find someone else to cut your dog's hair. I mean there is no gain if all you see is the same comments saying 'I wouldn't let her do….". Where is the construction?

  10. I know this dog isn't matted, but I get more than a little miffed when pet owners bring in pets with nails growing into their toes (literally) and matted so badly that you can take it all off in one piece and THEN bitch that the groomer was being rough taking care of the mess THEY CREATED. I have never had a complaint of that nature but have heard plenty out here and other groomers experience. I can guarantee all of you "grooming authorities" who have never groomed a dog before, that keeping control of the head: protects their eye's, lips and gives us a warning if the tongue is going to come out to lick it's lips. If the dog had ANY "severe hell pain" you would be hearing that little guy a block away, make no mistake about it. And yes I am a groomer, w/over 15 years experience. I am the one who has called and reported abuse on the so called "loving" customers.

  11. Nice job. This dog looks relaxed. My poodle 🐩 loves how good she feels after a trim. This groomer knows her stuff….thanks for posting!

  12. Shes just yanking him all over the place 😆

  13. Thanks for showing us how to make an animal insecure during a grooming appointment! I love the way you don’t give him breaks to let his head rest or swallow, it’s very nice! He didn’t look stressed at all and you did a perfect job! Oh and the pulling on the beard was the best part! Love watching you tug his face because your causing trauma! You fcking idiot! Your job was sloppy, you were being rough, and you were being quite fast and impatient with the job especially near his eyes! I’ve never seen such a bad job in my LIFE! This is why I groom from home.

  14. The pet dogs are our family. We should protect them from avoiding Overcutting. There is an upgraded dog nail clippers: Safety Guard + Non Slip Soft Handle + Free Nail File

  15. Her: put the noose on the dog
    Me: Nooooooooooooo!!!! for the love of God why?!!!!!!!
    Me again:…. oh……. okay……

  16. what kind of dog is this?

  17. Thank you! I have a little shih tzu and am totally inexperienced when it comes to grooming. This video was very helpful for me!

  18. You are wildly talented, thank you for sharing tips!

  19. I am just learning to be a pet groomer.  It seems when the master groomer goes over my work that he is getting more hair off.  Am I not bearing down hard enough with the clippers?

  20. Fuckin bitch id love to pull her head clean off for the way shes raggin the dogs head about, surprised she hasnt ripped the dogs lip off by holding its chin so tight. If that was my dog I'd be well mad at the horrible bitch😈😡

  21. Very brief, concise, informative video

  22. And this is the reason why I think twice or more before I bring my dogs to a " professional grommer" Poor baby! Like this woman there are so many out there. Of course the dogs can't complain…😔

  23. She so mean to that poor little dog

  24. She's making sure the dog doesn't wiggle because she's WIELDING A BLADE around him. I'd rather have a groomer firmly hold my dog still than let him move around and possibly get cut. Also, some dogs are naturally submissive (like this one) and probably don't need to be held and manipulated like she's doing. But some dogs are stronger, more energetic or anxious, or will suddenly get spooked so you need to make sure you ALWAYS have a very strong grip, with every dog, especially when you have scissors close to their eyes and face. She does jerk a little more than strictly necessary, in my humble opinion, but she's not hurting them or being "mean". Adult dogs are not like human babies or even young puppies; they can take jerky movements. Critique is fine (she IS jerky) but some of you guys are acting like she's beating the dog up or something -_-

  25. Cmon guys, clearly this dog is fine. If it felt any pain, it would've yelped and/or maybe growled at her and possibly bitten her. Dogs don't just sit there when they're in pain and do absolutely nothing. Plus as many have said, the dog is the one pulling away, which is totally normal. Smh. I swear, people think everything that looks like it hurts is abusive. I'm sure the dog is JUST fine. Although i do agree she should have communicated with the dog and given him some reassurance.

  26. Oh wow, she's so rough with that poor baby

  27. She did a good grooming job however, she did not reassure the dog frequently. She used a lot of 'shh' and that's certainly not reassuring :/ good dog groomers make sure their dogs are alright, her handling was okay except for the chin pulling there are other ways . But overall honestly the dog wasn't hurt in anyway, she did a good job but I did not like the fact she wasn't speaking to the dog during the process.

  28. This video is exactly why I am learning to do it myself, if she is this rough with a camera in her face I can only imagine what my dog went through at groomers. People just want money they don't love our pets like we do.

  29. I've groomed for years and yes you do have to hold their beard, or risk hurting them badly… but what I don't understand, is why she had to give all to see little sharp yanks when she already had total control and the dog wasn't resisting at all. The dog was extremely well behaved and deserved a few micro breaks to rest his gums/swallow etc and with a lot of praise…..He certainly WAS a good boy!!. Very cute well behaved dog and a cute haircut. 🙂

  30. What blade and comb do use on his body, its about the length i'd like my lhasa

  31. Guys, she's hardly being rough. She's holding very sharp shears. I've cut myself a time or two with shears. They're so sharp, I didn't even feel it cut me. She needs to make sure she has control over the dogs movement or else she could accidentally snip him.

  32. people need to understand as a groomer we are dealing with SHARP equipment that can hurt the dog if they move suddenly hence the firm hand. If we let the dog have more freedom it would be dangerous and the groom would looks shit. you are paying us to do a service. Don't call animal abuse when you bring your dog once every six months matted to shit because it was winter and its cold. We know what we are doing. I don't think ehow would make a video condoning animal abuse either.

  33. she should be more delicate! I get she needs to be firm but that was too much!

  34. Awesome job. Good, concise video.
    The comments about the dog being treated rough have no idea what they're talking about. Hell, my Mom treated me worse than this when she cut my hair! This lady is a professional. I would have no problem with her grooming my dogs… or grooming my hair.

  35. I did not realize until now that a professional groomer actually grabs a dog by the beard hair and pulls it. If this groomer was hurting this dog I am sure pup would complain. But all the same, I think I will not be taking my chin-wa to a stranger to be groomed again. I was already nervous about it after reading stories in the news. What a beautiful dog in this video! <3

  36. 3:33 clearly mistreating that poor dog.

  37. i just really do NOT like how she did not demonstrate the trimming of the ears….those are pretty important when it comes to trimming the dogs head

  38. Awesome job done Ms. Bloom. It seems way easier than I imagined to get this done. Thank you for sharing this helpful secession:))

  39. Excellent video. Thanks! If the owner starts giving the dog filtered water – the staining will disappear

  40. Thanks for imparting such wonderful knowledge.

  41. She is not being mean. They feel secure when treated with authority

  42. She seems very rough as she's holding the dog by its chin. You can see his lip being pulled

  43. THANK YOU! Awesome, my dog loves me to do it, and looks like he got the jailhouse cut! This will really help!

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