How to fix Office 365 error Microsoft office can't find your license for this application

I recorded the whole process when I was at the phone with Microsoft tech support, here I show you step by step how to fix that problem

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  1. You are legend brohh. You have solved my problem.

  2. Herbert I just got mine from Website: Xuesoftware . Com . 100% genuine and shipping quickly. Nice

  3. Sam I used the key from Website: Xuesoftware . Com . Thanks mate 5 minutes and up and running. highly recommend

  4. Uninstalling all products keys as well as removing office itself is not a "fix". You can keep it short and just say: uninstall office and reinstall + remove all product keys. The fact you are downloading the installer through your account means it has your account details linked (integrated into) to the installer. So you do not have to enter a product key or link it to a user account. Same principle as when you download bitdefender installer from the bitdefender central website.

  5. kindly add cmd commands to the video description.##Thanks##

  6. I can't find the commands you're copying into the cmd. Can you please post them again? Thanks!

  7. Thank you! I was able to fix the problem in five minutes.

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