How to curve the ball | Learn bending free kick

How to curve a football – learn bending free kick skills. In this video Joltter teaches you how to curve a football from a free kick. Curving the ball is one of the most common and popular shooting techniques in football and today you will learn how to shoot bending free kicks in real life football matches. This step by step free kick tutorial will help you with your shooting technique while also giving you lots of great tips on how to shoot a curving free kick better than any of your teammates. Curving free kicks have resulted in tons of amazing goals from players like David Beckham, Juninho and Lionel Messi so watch this free kick tutorial right to learn how to curve a football and shoot those bending free kicks!

This in-depth free kick tutorial teaches you how to put inside curve on your free kicks. Curving the ball with the inside of your foot is an essential football skill to master if you want to score amazing free kicks. Bending free kicks work extremely well in football games because of the extra movement on the ball – which of course makes it more difficult for the goalkeeper to catch. Watch this free kick tutorial now to get some great tips on how to curve the ball. This technique has many names: curving shot, the whip, inside bend, bending free kick… the list goes on and on but the main point is to achieve an inside curve on your shot by kicking the ball with the instep area of your strong foot. For more tips on how to bend the ball, watch this curving free kick tutorial now!

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  2. What is the difference between contact area of curve ball and knuckleball?

  3. I'm watching this, but I can go out to practice it jaja 🙁

  4. Thanks brother because of you I learn to kick cuvre ball

  5. 2:44 he just magically duplicated that ball

  6. unlucky… i found this video after covid-19…

  7. Question if you get this: at 5:22 you mention the importance of "shooting against the wall." Where can I buy a fence (wall) like the fence used in your video. Any help on this from anyone would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much! 🙂

  8. I love all your videos. By the way, what country are you from. Please. Awesome videos bro

  9. thx,this worked out rlly good

  10. take baal
    go field
    after 1 hour

  11. Thanks for the Arabic translation

  12. As I said in the knuckleball tutorial ..this is the original tutorial….Thnx. I learned quickly..:D

  13. I can now curve the ball and thank you but I can't make the ball go high

  14. Thanks to this video, i have finally learned on how to use my favorite free kick, It feels so nice to just kick it like that, with your body movement, your run up, I have scored some nice goals with this technique. Thanks!

  15. Who’s here after freekicks vs unisport freekicks and jolted banged it


  17. Just please tell how coutinho shoots. Just how the fucking hell does he shoot like that with so much bend and power.

  18. My brain: Got this
    My foot:???

  19. Nice.. But why did u hide your nice haircut?

  20. Messi does this a lot. Like all the time…

  21. Thank you so much I always wanted to learn how to do a free kick and now this priceless video has taught me how to curve my shoot

  22. Brother thanks brother

  23. Basic soccer drills at home to develop your skills.

  24. I tried to curve the ball once and I ruptured my Achilles 😔

  25. When you want the ball to curve, it doesn't. When you don't want the ball to curve, it curves

  26. Look at 2:44 how did he do that? So scary Watch the ball

  27. Thousands of hours? You mean 60

  28. This video helped me a lot

  29. When I kick the ball it curves but it is not lofting up
    It is curving on the ground
    Someone plz help me

  30. It did not work he is telling a lie

  31. Nice football. ( India🇮🇳)

  32. It is helpfull thank you

  33. Let’s settle this who’s the goat jay or joltter

  34. after watching this video and the Knuckle Ball Video Inspires me so much and I should Practice more

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