How to Choose a Doctor (in the U.S.)

Whether you’ve moved to a new place, your insurance needs you to select a primary care physician, or you’re simply just looking for a new doctor, How to Adult has you covered.

This episode is primarily geared towards our audience in the United States, but we hope you’ll still get something out of this video if you’re an international viewer. Thank you for your patience!

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  1. Hank! Because you like to learn, not to be snarky or nit picking: in the Operating Room, it's more likely for the Surgical Tech or Assistant to hand a scalpel, not the nurse, who is more likely to be circulating. Also, PCP can simply be primary care provider, not specifically physician, because often Nurse Practitioners (or Physician's Assistants in a similar ish way) can serve as a PCP (and there is debate that physicians are overqualified for PCP and better suited for specialties). Finally, I would more strongly encourage word of mouth over online reviews when choosing not just a PCP, but a surgeon as well!! Thank you for keeping How to Adult alive!

  2. I didn't expect to see Hank Green here while researching this…

  3. Ugh! This is so much work. I’ll just avoid this and hope I don’t die.

  4. if I can gave you more then dislike i will be more happy

  5. thank you! you are truly a fucking hero my beautiful friend!

  6. I'm trying to find a new PCP, since I moved, however its very difficult because don't know many people here OC so Step 1 doesn't work. I've called the ins for the Network doctors and done the review search but can't really tell if the PCP will work for me or not, any other suggestions? thank you

  7. As a trans guy, really appreciate the language on "people with uteruses". 😀 thanks for being inclusive.

  8. I go to a doctor once every 10 years or so.

  9. This came out at the right time. I will be turning 20 next year and hope to get a primary doctor before I turn 20! THANK YOU!

  10. OMG thank you for saying "People with Uteruses." Small speech things that probably only some of us notice, but are hugely thankful for <3

  11. I've been trying to get a primary care physican for 3 years. Every 3 months I call every covered physician in 30 miles. Never once have they been accepting new patients. One time they told me that the doctor actually lived in Florida, halfway across the country. I even had one where I was informed that the listed doctor was actually a surgeon, not a general practitioner. Good times.

  12. This channel is amazing, but I'm always secretly worried that it won't last forever. (I mean, nothing does, but can this channel be the exception?)

  13. inb4doctorwhojokes

    I'm probably already too late, but something something time travel joke.

  14. QQ: How to stop being jealous of your rich friends?


    I really like my friend, and he has always been there for me. I study abroad, so i do not have any family here. When I was admitted in a hospital after a suicide attempt here, he spent most of the day in the hospital taking care of me, despite being the class president. We call each other brothers, and we are extremely close.

    He is really into gadgets and stuff, so he would share with me his desire to buy stuff like an iPhone, and even a bike. Because of all the things he has done for me, I sort of felt obligated to give him almost all my money. We are Indians, and in our culture, we do not work while we are studying, we just use the money our parents give us. So, my parents give me my entire year's expense at once, instead of giving them to me monthly. Anyways, the money I gave to him was really essential for my mental health. I was going to use that money to have a comfortable lifestyle, using the air conditioner without worrying about the electricity bill, eating the food that I actually enjoy eating, seeing a psychiatrist, going out to just get a break, etc..

    I gave him my entire year's money, and he is paying my/our rent and utilities (we are roommates), but he does tell me to not use the air conditioner much, so I have had days when I sweat while sleeping. He also pays for a canteen to send 2 meals to our house daily, but I do not like the food, I just have to make do with it, because I cannot get the food I like. He also gives me money for laundry and mobile load, and whenever I need to buy toiletries. On rare occasions, he does get me pizza and coke. Now, while I have this lifestyle, I see him go out with people often, and he doesn't like telling me where he goes, so I stopped asking him too. When I see him go out with friends to have fun, I really want to feel happy for him, but I just can't help it, and instead think about how I should have been able to do this too.

    I know he does not mean to upset me. He just somehow lacks empathy, and is sort of short-tempered, due to which he sometimes comes across as being arrogant. I just feel that he must have faced situations to make him this way. I know that even if he has a psychopathology, it is my choice to stay his friend and/or give him money, so if it is impacting me negatively, I should call it quits. The problem is, I just know how nice he is, and I am just not ready to lose him.

    Maybe if you would have made the "how to say NO" video sooner, I might have saved myself from this XD

  15. Tips for Trans viewers. Checkout your local LGBTQ+ Facebook page for good recommendations. Finding someone with trans experience or at least will correctly use your correct pronouns can be challenging and local Facebook pages can be a good resource of people who have actual experience with the local doctors.

  16. Wait… has has Hank gotten a PCP? I remember the DH&J episode where Hank confessed that he just went to a walk-in clinic for his care.

  17. this was the first time I've heard the term 'complexly network' and it felt icky

  18. loved the humour in this video 🙂

  19. In my case, it goes like this:
    1. Call clinic #1. They have no PCPs accepting new patients.
    2. Repeat for clinics 2 and 3.
    3. Run out of local clinics. Never see a doctor.

  20. Will there be episodes for other countries (e.g. UK)?

  21. Thanks for putting this out there! I've been putting this off for about a month up until now.

  22. Yay! Abby cameo 😁

  23. For people in the U.K. just go here and enter your location for all your local GPs along with reviews, hours, availability, services, etc.

  24. I'm sure Hank said things and I'll have to rewatch later to be sure (I actually do need to find a doctor so this is useful) but the entire time I was so distracted by that mask and waiting for Hank to just take it off that I didn't hear much

  25. 1) Do you have insurance
    n: Die/ go in horrible, crippling debt
    y: 2) Is the doctor in network?
    n: don't go see them
    y: Fuck it, see them.

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