How To Beat the Ender Dragon! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 23]

The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! This tutorial will show you how to fight and defeat Minecraft’s “Final Boss”, the Ender Dragon!

The series will teach you how to master Survival Mode, and will also be my Single Player Let’s Play series!

World Seed (Java Edition only): 7574084833700264939

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I'd never killed the Ender Dragon before and with your guidance I killed her first time, no deaths. Took ages but this padawan was well prepared "Master". 😉

  2. Why arent beds in here or was this not a thing in 2018

  3. This video is what helped me beat the game for the first time I was struggling so much, then you're amazing video helped me out, thank you so much, this video is what introduced me to your amazing series

  4. I agree that spawners are a big pain

  5. I prefer to watch you play. I got lost in a mine shaft the other day and nearly had a panic attack.

  6. Thanks alot for this tutorial..helped med alot..but i was not hitting the dragon with my sword so i endend up killing it with my bow 🙂

  7. He actually bothered to beet the game

  8. last time I tried to kill the ender dragon I spawned without the platform and I fell into the void

  9. Pick up the silver fish spawners with silk touch

  10. Now I feel kind of bad for finishing spin creative mode….

  11. My son said it is always good to make an obsidian "house" with supplies, use TNT to blow up the caged crystals, and other helpful tips. If he can make a series under his username Pianocat492, maybe you should watch it.

  12. Minecraft is the best video game on the planet Earth!

  13. i love him i will kiss pixlriffs

  14. i’ve been playing on a legit survival worls for the last couple weeks, i found a stronghold last night and went in today and died once but collected my stuff, im super nervous. i have terrible aim. im bad at mlg watering and im just honestly a scaredy cat 🙁 i got scared and dug myself in a hole and quit the game lol i’ll try again later

  15. Okay I have protection 4 on all of my armor and I’m getting instantly killed

  16. I just found the Stronghold in my world hopefully I will kill the dragon

  17. Really you are a pro….I have never seen killing the Dragon that claim …hats off to you loving this series in lockdown….😊😊

  18. I am getting my survival interest back

  19. Bringing a strength two potion is extremely useful.

  20. Thank you I finally beat the ender dragon!


  22. You can use tnt when it rest on the bedrock portal for more damage

  23. I just defeated ender dragon first time today. The only cheat I had on was keep invintory but it was on a server so I could not turn it off

  24. While I was on my way to fight the ender dragon I forgot to bring my ender chest with me and I left it in the overworld but somehow I managed with my bow, 1 stack of arrows, sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, 16 steak, 1 potion of strength and 2 potions of slow falling (I'm shocked I managed to kill the dragon with only this)

  25. Everyone: "AHHHH!! WOOAA!"
    Pixlriffs: "Oh there we go! Haha."

  26. You should respawn the Ender dragon 🐉 with 4 end crystals

  27. …and I still can't find a nether fortress

  28. How many enderman I are in end place

  29. 8:50 he is in the end. Click dis :3

  30. I know you're most likely not reading these comments anymore, but you did a great job with this. I've been playing along with your series and fought the dragon last night before watching this video. Your run went much more smoothly than mine! Thank you for this series – it's great and you seem like a genuinely kind person.

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