How to: Activate microsoft office 2007 (Crack)[HD]

On this video I’m showing you how to “crack” your Microsoft Office 2007 version so it’s not gonna say that it’s a free trial anymore!

If you follow my steps correct then it should work perfect!

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  1. Access denied ,not able to save file

  2. Ρε φίλε ευχαριστώ δουλεύει πολύ καλά

  3. Thank you ☺️ It’s working brother

  4. Big thumbs up for this, in a good way

  5. c'mon man i follow your steps than i finish it and still not works

  6. Thank you very much for this beautiful explanation

  7. Σε windows 10 μπορώ να τα ενεργοποιήσω ;

  8. Hi, I have been using office 2007 since new. installed it legally on a few of my computers over the years. A few older computers died over time and have been destroyed. Tried to install it on one of my other laptops. It installed fine but would not let me activate it because it said I used to to many times. Really? Thanks for your help! Needed to do both steps after the 2nd one did not work. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Access denied – Command pop up

  10. Latest version win 10 (v1909)step after 12.0 the registration folder is moved

  11. Access denied while saving proof.xml file what to do

  12. Thanks ma big man you are a genius

  13. up date ,cs.tribal, this has solved my problem and i thankyou

  14. can some help me find that first file REOGODIT or a way to delete those first 2 files
    please .my last computer is down so i`m having to use windows XP if that is
    any different to finding . i have managed step 2 but not the first bit

  15. Thanks Bro,
    It works…👍👍👍

  16. thanks i have prblm online activision ,solve

  17. bhai run m kya type krna he

  18. muje save karne ki permission hi nahi milti…"pls contact sadministrator " as it is..

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