How Team Secret OUTPLAYED OG with Puppey's Vengeful Spirit – Support Tips – Dota 2 Pro Guide

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  2. Guides like these make me wanna quit Dota. Not only do the supports reversed to what Speed is saying, stay in lane when they shouldn't, mess up their carrys play, sap all xp, NO they also HAVE to blame them and insult everyone. This happens every single game.

  3. Basically
    Puppey is the team courier and mobile ward

  4. After ESL Birmingham, everyone can makes OG look bad..

  5. This kinda summarizes why I rarely if ever recommend watching pro games to low ranked players.

    I bet the average 2k player would look at this replay and think:
    1. Buy boots lvl 1 every game.
    2. Skimp out on regen and don't give any tangoes to your mid.
    3. When your team starts fighting, afk-farm on the other side of the map.
    4. If Puppey didn't waste all that mana, he wouldn't need to waste gold on Clarities.

    I just think watching high level gameplay has very limited value if you don't have any understanding the plays they're making.

  6. You can't do this in SEA.

  7. 12:48 Yapzor becomes Appstore hahah

  8. im 20w 8l streak with venge 😀

  9. They stomped OG as they were missing Topson and had players on high ping….

  10. When did you become incapable of making a "th" sound?

  11. Imagine if you didn't clickbait in your videos… How many more subs you think you've had?

  12. OG invited midone to the team is so wrong…. OG probably wont get TI10 this time….
    where ANA?

  13. More like how Corona virus make OG look bad…!!!

  14. It's quite a poor analysis. You are basically just praising whatever moves he made. If he dies 'oh he spent all his mana, so he decided to die', I'm quite sure Puppey wanted to survive then. Or if he denies 'oh it's to hold back the wave' and the second he pushes 'now it's the right time to push'. Doesn't make much sense nor give any in depth analysis tbh…

  15. Other tournaments are just like filler stuffs you get to enjoy but it doesn't really matter cause Ti is the only tourna to show who's the best team.

  16. when ur team win.. die is good.. when ur team lose.. fucking stupid noob feeder! that the realistic world.. haha

  17. Guess u still tricked by og. Lose first win final.

  18. Hey bro make video on how much you make money making guides on gameleap and youtube please

  19. damn i'm just found a great dota 2 analysis channel!

  20. Secret will win TI10 bec Puppey already 30, he's already done so much for DotA, the legend gotta rest. Thank you Speed, I also build Soul Ring whenever I play Venge because it also gives HP and synergizes well with Tranquil

  21. I did something similar yesterday. I was playing position four pugna. In around 2 mins, I managed to kill 2 cours and dragged the PL and QOP (opposition safelane) upto tier 3 twice (I died both times), essentially giving my offlane tidehunter literally a free lane for 2 whole mins and he accused me of feeding and also pointed out "How will you ever climb rank playing like that". Any thoughts on this speed ?

  22. Menwhile VP.Solo rubick's build : tranquil + Crystalys

  23. Is the same thing all over the years let’s see how team secret does in the international and puppey 😂😂 cause in case u haven’t notice that’s OG specialty, the big one

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