How MIRACLE Adapts to ANY Situation with these 3 BROKEN RIKI BUILDS – Dota 2 Pro Guide

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  2. I love these kind of videos. Please make more!! I find videos that focus on one hero really educational. It also helps if you go more in depth and talk about what the hero likes, what he doesn't like. That way we can understand different matchups more easily and apply that knowledge to any game.

  3. Do this next for monkey king i can never decide which build is correct for him

  4. Speed, how about ember spirit for the next clip?

  5. Can you do an ember spirit magic and physical build

  6. Nice video, lots of info we can work with!

  7. Love the guide!! Can you do guide for tanky/damage offlaner like slardar? When to scale damage or tank items

  8. nobody :
    not even a single soul :
    miracle playing riki :
    speed : BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I really liked this kind of video plz do a juggernaut one, thanks.

  10. Ember spirit or void spirit, with the skill build

  11. I thought phase boots were for early fighting, not treads? Could anyone clarify?

  12. Speed make an ursa video as well , thanks and likes to you

  13. the best content you can actually post and we all wanna see that

  14. thanks. this gave me a whole new perspective on my most played hero.

  15. Speed! do it for kunkka!!! people always go daedalus and then another one lol

  16. Any pro tries a weird tricky build

    Speed: broken

  17. make similar video for juggernaut plz 🙂

  18. really good way to explain a hero! I liked it

  19. We get it you enjoy the thrust of the magic stick

  20. Hey speed love the videos and the help man. Being subscribed to gameleap has been very helpful so far. Can I please get you to do a multiple item build on faceless void please. When to go manta, diffusal, mask of madness or sange and yasha. Could really use the help there. And how to build dmg items or defensive items at certain times. Thanks buddy keep up the great content

  21. Hi Speed. Do a similar video for Legion Commander please

  22. Awesome to get some more videos about items and how to plan a game. Can we get a short video where you explain how to think about starting items in different scenarios?

  23. How to make animated potrait like that? Static but still have effect on

  24. Can you do one for void spirit?

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