Hell on Earth- Thailand's Dog Meat Trade

Throughout Asia the dog meat trade is flourishing. In particular the town of Tha Rae in Sakon Nakhorn, north east Thailand has become a center for the export of dogs through Laos and into Vietnam. Dogs are collected in exchanged for a bucket in villages throughout Thailand and then brought to Ta Rae. In Ta Rae the dogs are separated into grades. The best grade are shipped to Vietnam the rest are slaughtered and eaten locally. Thousands of dogs are slaughtered and shipped across the Mae Kong river every month. The business is worth almost as much as the drug trade and this business is legal because Thailand has no animal protection laws for the welfare of domestic animals. We are creating a Hell on Earth for mans best friend.
Please be aware that this video is produced by Thai people who care and want to make a difference in their country. The majority of Thai people are shocked that this practice is allowed to continue. Most of the large scale dog meat trade in Thailand is run by Vietnamese mafia. There have been many demonstrations at the parliament in Bangkok by Thai people to call for an animal cruelty law to be passed. A draft law has even been handed over to the opposition.

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  1. Who cares. What difference does it make to anyone here.. I bet you all eat cows, pigs, and chicken. Hypocrites. Dogs are no different from farm animals.

  2. You wanna know guidelines for this…? I'll tell you…. this is fucked up on so many levels…I can't believe this…

  3. Funny. I must visit the fat east……

  4. for all those people saying “only in Asia”, no. in Singapore, we treat dogs like our precious treasures, so please stop being racist cause not all Asians treat dogs that way, PERIODT.

  5. These dogs are helpless, and stupid horrible, cruel, people kill them for meat they need to eat too they have a soul and a life just like us humans so if you think it's okay to do this then imagine yourself surrounded by dripping blood and killed bodies on the floor how much fear and pain would there be

  6. I am wondering peoples of Thailand why are they killings those animals with cruel mind… if you want eat dog just kill them with electric shocks then do what the hell you want…

  7. Good Lord. Come and end this madness. Please Dear God.

  8. Disgusting ass motherfuckers they need some mental help

  9. Fuckin' animals………and I ain't talkin' about the dogs.

  10. Well ur beliefs are crap wtf ur so nasty cruel people u need to educate yourselfs I can't believe what I'm bloody seeing 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. Wtf is wrong with those stupid cruel bloody people

  12. Hypocrites who will not give a F about the slaughtering of pigs and cows in their countries.

  13. 14:15 he sayes the reason is unacceptable . But they didn’t translated what was the reason that people saying
    If some one knows what he sayied please translate that part



  16. Come to our States you won't find even as single family treat dogs in unhuman way. Dogs are man best friend they are very sensitive and caring. You people eat dogs that's your problem but let them die with dignity and proper way.

  17. The trouble with Thailand is it's full of yellow SCAVENGERS

  18. This needs to stop!What the hell! Are we this much of cowards? War now! I don't care if it's the end of the world cause I dont wana live in a world where this is happening!

  19. I can’t believe it has situation like this in Thailand!! (I’m from Thailand) . I can’t believe I live in the same country with these cruel people.

  20. God,,,,I'd LOVE to :CLUB" their Balls!!

  21. It's very hard to watch how we are treating our most trusted friends I hope India would not be like this please stop it😪😪😪😭😭😭

  22. Are u crazy.how u dare to say that dogs are our frend.i am from europe and thay deserve to die.kill all the dogs.

  23. 7:08 OMG what the fuck is wrong with you fucking filthy people !!! ROT IN HELL

  24. I always find the good in people…but not this time. Smh

  25. Ugh time to take out my AK47 to save my fraivote animal

  26. I can't watch this its way to painful tears running down my face my dog can hear them crying out for help I feel bloody helpless thy I can't be there to help stop the dog and cat meat trade

  27. Dog Supply: 3rd world countries
    Merchandise Demand: western society.
    Narcotic Drug supply: Latin countries
    Demand: western society
    Can you spot the trend?

  28. Humans are vile ass creatures, toxic monsters really

  29. Those people who eat dog in Thailand are of Vietnamese descent living in tha lae Sakhon Nakhon

  30. I hope you pay for what you have done, with your life dying in the worst way there is.

  31. killing a human friend is like killing a human, eating a dog is forbidden.

  32. https://youtu.be/LkBvDzM3TpE

  33. feel free to shoot me a comment. i am looking to host a live stream on the need for reform and the need to make this humane until we can find another way to feed over 2 billion people. mtg.ems1@gmail.com. please; you can curse me out and call me a monster that's fine! but; try to do it in a nice way. and no threats.

  34. okay again. this video misses the point entirely. the beginning sets us up by telling us that we sit in our beds and watch tv comfortably. i can show you ghettos all over the world where a child could use some meet so that it will not die in the morning. these dogs they show in the beginning are not the dogs we have sleeping with us in our bedroom. the dog species is not as trusting as you may think. try walking in Afghanistan at night and find yourself surrounded by a 12 pack. you are told one side. most of the side you are told is told from a vegan and socialist agenda. now that's not to say that i dont agree with the premise. we need a solution that curbs the suffering and violence of dog packs and preserves the health of a population against a strain of sickness that can kill humans or make us sick. animals are food to most of the planet. and our western ideals and judgmental attitude will not stop this. only a common sense humane approach will feed those that are hungry, satisfy those that want to deal with the torture, and make this a more approachable conversation. most of the planet are tired of meddlers; we dont appreciate the heart string approach anymore. we are smarter, more practical, and more understanding that you think. we dont want the blanket torture of dogs, cats, cows, or any other species but we need to eat and you cant feed the planet with corn or lettuce and soy milk. you want results? find a solution to feed the population then bitch about what the population used to eat..do you see the logic in this? i hope so. I hate the killing of any animal but people come first. i also hate poverty and the lack of food in a family's belly. dog meat is a necessity to most in Asia. its not a secret and its not being hidden. see for yourself.

  35. Thanks. Will never visit such a barbaric country. Why don't u just eat each other. Pussies!!!!!

  36. Anyone that finds anything remotely funny to say about animal cruelty are the lowest form of scum alive not fit to be called human you sick warped bastards

  37. The reporter girl is so sexy 😍

  38. What the hell did I just watch these people disgust me. I know not everyone in that country is like this but the ones that do need to be tortured themselves. 😒😡

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