GTA San Andreas – Final Mission & Ending – End Of The Line

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Final Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in High Definition

To start “End of the Line” mission you must take over at least 35% of the territories in Los Santos – about 20 areas. We also recommend you to complete the “Paramedic” and “Firefighter” side missions. In this way you will increase your max health and become fully fireproof.

Mission No. 100 – Final Mission Ending

Location: Los Santos, San Andreas

Mission Name: End Of The Line

Mission Boss: Carl “CJ” Johnson Sean “Sweet” Johnson


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  1. There is something about this game that can't be replicated!!!
    The Side characters were gold!!!
    The memes!!!
    The missions!!!
    The soundtrack!!!
    The story!!!
    The side missions!!!
    The game is evergreen can never be replaced.
    Rockstar put a lot of work in this game and it paid off.
    This is a game you never get bored of!!!
    Sorry, did I just said that this is a game?? No, this our childhood.
    Not the best game but surely the MOST ICONIC AND LEGENDARY GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!

  2. What did you accomplish in this lockdown
    Me: I ended GTA San Andreas

  3. Im proud that ive finished this mission in one piece so satisfied that ive finished this great game. Unlike my high school days, i deleted this game because of the "wrong side of the tracks" mission

  4. 30:18 I always have my moment of fame

  5. I play this in 2020 on play station

  6. You ain’t leaving here alive man!

  7. If you listen deeply when smoke dead there are sound of an girl

  8. didn't think i was going to watch a video that is 10 years old

  9. You picked the wrong video fool.

  10. I recommend doing side missions like paramedic (max health), firefighter (fireproof), and vigilante (max armor) to make the mission easier. I remember playing this game with cheat codes when i was a kid before knowing about the side missions.

  11. This mission is hard as hell , my car explodes cuz of all those idiots shooting 😲


  13. 13:49
    When the grocery store cashier asks how your day was…

  14. "I cant believe you bought that same bucket ass car" i never actually get what that meant

  15. I wish his last words was ooooooo

  16. Why doesn't he lose his health in fire

  17. 15:03 samuel L. Jackson best line

  18. Tenpenny probably died because of drug overdose

  19. Wow gta san Andreas game for a 15 year old boy is so mature

  20. 5:35 CJ told you stay at home !

  21. Samuel Jackson voicing Officer Tenpenny makes tenpenny all the more badass!!!

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