Gigi Hadid Confirms Her First Pregnancy and Shares First Cravings

Gigi Hadid opens up to Jimmy about experiencing her first pregnancy in quarantine and why she sobbed uncontrollably when she received a surprise birthday cake from the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.

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Gigi Hadid Confirms Her First Pregnancy and Shares First Cravings



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  1. I didn't know they got back together.. well not my business anyway

  2. gigi’s so precious🥺❤️

  3. ooooh okay so this horrible year is just balancing the wonder that this baby is gonna be, makes sense now

  4. Wtf why is the dad not announcing it with her smh zayn

  5. Man's face melts in plane crash, pilot dies and he dies as well but comes back to life, take a look…

  6. Awww beautiful couple and beautiful news💜💜!!

  7. Hi everyone! With everyone going on, I’d really appreciate it if you can spare 5 minutes do fill in my survey for my school major work. Thank you 😊

  8. Shes so simply and humble. Thats why i love her.

  9. Even celebrities like Gigi videochat with potatoes for cameras, I feel better about my zoom meetings now.

  10. is the kid gonna be a muslim?

  11. This baby is gonna make the world a peaceful place again

  12. Imagine if the child cries at the middle of the night. Gigi doesn’t even need to be worried. Zayn voice= Lullaby 😇

  13. I hope she's gonna be a food mom, better than Yolanda who always fat shamed Gigi and didnt let her eat and do volleyball

  14. I love Gigi in this she seems very sweet

  15. Hey hey that's a great news but i think western culture should band the thing which is called marriage (bcz it doesn't mean anything to them)

  16. Business As Usual from Satan Hqusual.

  17. am i the only one who had a small mental breakdown when they heard that Zayn, little shy zayn from 1d, the one who didn't even wanna danceon the x-factor😂, is starting a family?! because i'm soooo immensely proud of him and happy for them both, but it still shocked me…and that's coming from a die-hard DIRECTIONER💝🎉🔥

  18. The baby will be soo beautiful..can't imagine

  19. Now the question is.
    Who’s gonna be last? Niall or Harry?
    I feel like Niall’s next 😂

  20. Imagine how the child is gonna look 🥺😍.

  21. Im happy for them☺..although she is famous but she look like nice person

  22. Their baby is gonna be perfect😍IMAGINEEE!!!

  23. Not to ruin everyone’s excitement but it frustrates me that when a girl has a baby everyone always says it’s they man’s child instead of saying it’s their child or whatever

  24. Here we go AGAIN. Another bastard coming into the world. What in the world is going on with this world!!! When are they going to come out of these entertainment fever with all these so called celebs. It is not possible to have good come out of bad. Doing things out of wed locks, social and moral disasters and more!!!! That is why no moral values are left out there!!! The day world will stop giving attention to these people will be the day world will start paying attention to better things in life to make societies better, producing better generations and better tomorrow.

  25. “my mom is Gigi my daddy is zayn bella and dua are my aunts 🤪 the power this baby is gonna hold 🤩🤩

  26. Everyone (well not everyone) seems to get pregnant before wedding and its celebrated, wow my mom would've killed me

  27. but I was supposed to be zayn's future wife 😭

  28. I feel like her and Zayn are at that age to have kids compared to other celebrities that have babies at 19-25. Just my honest thoughts

  29. There child is going to be gorgeous ❤😇

  30. Imagine being gigi and zayn child

  31. Waiting for Justin beiber and Hailey Baldwin

  32. Coronavirus is bringing progress

  33. Baby without being born got attention by everyone.
    But i for 20 years even noticed by none.
    Its ok im comforting myself.
    World is big just run .

  34. Baby without being born gets everyones attention.but iam living for 20 years without noticed even by single one.
    Im comforting myself .
    Its ok girl world is big.

  35. i love this couple!!!! i'm so happy for them!!!!!!! Congrats Gigi & Zayn!!!

  36. Had to read the title 2 times 😅♥️♥️

  37. Now I'm wating for Taylor swift's baby 😫

  38. I want a belly update 🤰🏼

  39. Wishing both of you good luck…One of cutest celebrity couple and my most fav couple…Happy to hear the news ….Wishing u a very happy life ahead..Very happy for both of you

  40. I have a tiny question. Won't her pregnanncy affect her modeling career?

  41. A Gigi Hadid mother
    A Zayn Malik father
    A Bella Hadid aunt
    Famous god parents

    Baby I'm so jealous. But I wish you and your family the best. ❣

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