Giggs' Unforgettable Solo Goal | Manchester United v Arsenal | FA Cup Semi Final 1999 | Classics

Highlights of an unforgettable FA Cup semi-final, as an extra time wonder goal from Ryan Giggs saw Manchester United reach the final and go on to beat Newcastle to complete the treble.

The FA:
Wembley Stadium:

The FA:
The England Football Team:
Wembley Stadium:

The FA Cup:
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The England Women’s Football Team:
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The England Football Team:


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  1. A brick wall wasn't going to stop Giggs scoring that day.

  2. Ironically Man Utd defence then looks remarkably similar like now

  3. What a player! Am a Liverpool fan but giggs was great. Used to glide across the grass.

  4. Like a knife through butter…

  5. The most arsenal biased commentating ever recorded-“was it a bad penalty?-we’ll have to give it to Schmeichel..” after best penalty save in FA cup history 🤣

  6. You can almost taste his brother’s wife’s juices at 3:36

  7. #Own GIGGS Goal Fantastic Day

  8. Who come from SportsBible???

  9. Unsubscribe from this channel EVERYONE and dislike

  10. So useless having an FA sponsor ad on the FA channel..

  11. Best game of football I’ve ever seen.

  12. Arsenal even lost the toss!

  13. 21 years ago today! Fantastic memories

  14. "Bergkamp" looks like Beckham if his name is called.

  15. The commentator could have done a much better job on the giggs goal. He should of been screaming at the top of his lungs because of the importance of it.

  16. 1:20 This is the reason arsenal didn't win.. Look at the options Bergkamp had here.. Anelka clean through and Parlour (I think) Clean through as Well but he decided to be greedy and have a shot at a bad angle… All he had to do was pass. Bonus fact.. He had missed 3 of his last 5 penalties and he still decided he wanted to take the one in stoppage time here and miss that too… Bergkamp you were an amazing player but you cost arsenal this game no doubt about it

  17. Villa Park Man United’s second home.

  18. great goal pity he's such a cu..

  19. Probably the worst commentary EVER

  20. Kind of a shame that teams don’t seem to try at all wen it comes to the FA Cup these days; only the smaller sides try hard

  21. Who's watching this during the quarantine?

  22. Giggs was so clutch this season.
    Equalising goal v Juve,
    Winning goal v Arsenal,
    Assisting the equaliser v Bayern.

  23. Is that Ryan Giggs or a fighter jet? 😅

  24. One of the greatest moments of my life watching this down the local pub, the place went wild. I will never EVER forget it.

  25. Can you guys imagine if that penalty went in. They would’ve crucified phil neville

  26. So out of the treble winning season Roy Keane was sent off in this match & he missed the champions league final. Did he see out any of this treble winning season? 😂

  27. The quality on that pitch is embarrassing

  28. What a black apple tree it is. lol

  29. schon wieder vortäuschung falscher tatsachen, ich zeige hiermit auch endgültig an, ich habe ein privatleben.

  30. The reason that taking off your shirt gets you booked

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