Gabrielle Miller and Brent Butt answer the internet's biggest Corner Gas questions | Your Morning

Gabrielle Miller and Brent Butt answer fan questions about the show, the new animated version and life in Dog River.

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  1. Clean relaxed smart humor. We can easily identify with the characters. Elect Brent Butt for prime minister!

  2. talk about hitting the wall.


  4. Corner gas is better than letter Kenny

  5. I just rediscovered this show a few months ago and have watched the entire series through a couple times now. I watch it when I'm going to bed but end up watching at least a few full episodes a night before i try to fall asleep.

  6. Lacey now looks like the mother of the show's Lacy. They are both beautiful.

  7. what kind of name is Brent LOL

  8. What is she looking at in the ceiling? Did she get camera shy.

  9. I now spit when someone says the neighboring towns name. No one knows why because they wont take my ADVICE AND WATCH CORNER GAS. AHHHHHHH. OK… calm.
    Man in Background: Abingdon
    Me: (Spits on ground)

  10. I tell someone if they were a bird they would be a c… Oh, wait can't say🤐 that in this fine family minded channel you know the kids are watching. They see my comment repeat it get in trouble have to drop out of school and society then start doing the crack just because of my rude and cheeky joke.

  11. Thanks to whoever made these Corner Gas bits not boring like most things like that out there are.

    Gabrielle is still cute. Nothing has changed on my end of the show thing♥

  12. Great show and great characters … Oscar always cracks me up, we all know someone cranky like that. LOL

  13. The people of Saskatchewan are the most friendly of anyone I have known.

  14. Just started watching Corner Gas on Amazon! I am really enjoying it! Perfectly cast. Much love from TX!

  15. Understand this BUTT — You have an amazing wife …. take care of her and stay away from Gab !!!! …. I will kick your ass if you come to SoCAl !!!!

  16. Does anyone know what the deal was with everyone always getting just a big plate of French fries in the Ruby diner?

  17. Just last week found CORNER GAS on Prime and enjoy it so much I’ve been telling people about it. The characters are great and blend so well. I think Oscar is outrageous.

  18. I just binge-watched all six seasons in two weeks. Now I'm going to watch the movie and then the animated series. Best Show ever!

  19. This show is like comfort food for me! Wonderful

  20. corner gas top ten comedies of all time

  21. lmao brent looks weird as hell

  22. This was a treat. Wonderful to hear you two talk about the Lacy and Brent. Love the animated show and still watch re-runs of Corner Gas. Best comedy on T.V. To this day.

  23. I’ve been watching this show for years and I LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️

  24. interesting answer from Gabrielle about getting back in character… from scene one of the movie, it didn't feel like anyone missed a beat…you were all just 'on'

  25. ….Even Better would be CONTINUE with animated/human Corner Gas (I love the show all the way from Australia) 🙂

  26. I'm still not over my first season crush on Lacey..

  27. One of the most awesome shows I've ever seen!!

  28. This is surreal. When watching Corner Gas (the original show) from now on and seeing young Brent/Gabrielle, it will be like seeing young George and Lorraine McFly in “Back to The Future.”

  29. I have never missed a spit when the town of Wullerton (spit) was mentioned

  30. 👎 not sure if I like the animated show. Just not the same. I have yet to sit through a complete show, i get board

  31. You can count the funny Canadian sitcoms on one hand…..and you are #1

  32. Corner Gas is Awesome!.
    There's a lot of fans of Corner Gas here in the US.
    This show should be on a streaming site like Netflix or HULU so more people can enjoy it as well.

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