Forged Japanese Dog Head Hammer

Making a Japanese style hammer by hand. First time I make an hammer or puch a hole this big, my new forging hammer it’s made!

Big thanks to Nerd Inventor for providing suitable c40 (1040) steel for this project, check his videos here:
Also thanks to my dear friends Dotti and Edo for helping to punch this hole!

Index of operation and materials:
0:15 Cut a jack hammer bit in two to forge into punch and drift
0:52 Both pieces are forged round and squished into ovals. The shorter piece (punch) is also forged to a point.
2:50 Grind and shape both tools with angle grinder and 2×72 belt grinder
3:53 Heat treatment, heat to 825°C, quench in 70°C oil and temper to 230°C for 2hrs
4:40 A wrench is used as handle for the punch
5:11 c40 steel round stock is cut to size
5:37 a rebar piece is welded as handle
6:12 Forge semi-square
6:37 Mark hole position
7:00 Punch the hole
7:45 Drift to size
8:00 Complete forging process by rounding edges and squaring everything up
8:30 Annehaling with coke forge: heat to critical and let cool slowly with the forge
8:56 Grind faces of the hammer heat with belt grinder
9:40 Harden: heat to 850°C and quench in water
9:57 Remove scales with bench grinder and steel wire wheel
10:08 Buff faces with fine polishing compound and cotton wheel
10:22 Tempering with hot drift
11:18 Cut wood for handle (random cutting board leftover wood)
11:25 Mark eye shape
11:35 Shape with homemade finger plane
12:04 Cut slot for wood wedge
12:25 Insert wedge with boiled linseed oil (also applied to handle as finish off camera)
12:40 Also a small steel wedge is used in the opposite direction

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Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
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  1. If you want to know more about any particular process shown in this video be sure to check description, I always write detailed list of operations and products used.

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  2. you think you could make the things that go onto to backpacks? you know how theyre plastic right, they break… see where im going here?

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