FIFA 20 Messi Review | 94 Messi Player Review | FIFA 20 Ultimate Team
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Is FIFA 20 Messi worth it ?! FIFA 20 Player Review

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Video Summary:
FIFA 20 Messi Review | 94 Messi Player Review | FIFA 20 Ultimate Team , who next? Is 94 Messi worth it?
Today we’ll be testing out FIFA 19 20 Messi , FIFA 20 Messi Review , FIFA 20 94 Messi or 94 Messi in a FIFA 20 Player Review ! If you want to catch any recent FIFA 20 Player Reviews , check out: ( FIFA 20 Player Review )

Other names for the card include:

FIFA 20 Messi
FIFA 20 Messi Review
FIFA 20 Messi Player Review
FIFA 20 94 Messi
FIFA 20 Messi Gameplay
FIFA 20 Lionel Messi
FIFA 20 94 Messi Review
FIFA 20 Messi worth it?

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  1. 400,0004 coins now lol 6__^ DEEERSF PS4

  2. I can’t get the hang of him – anyone else?

  3. Just pack him right now so I am happy to keep him until the end of the game now

  4. How do you get Him on recently high chem on Cam position

  5. My Messi keeps hitting the post ….anyone else have that problem

  6. Honestly love him. 12 games 23 goals 6 assists. He's amazing 😍 Can't imagine what the TOTY would be like 😂 His normal card at CAM is already incredible.

  7. Better messi or garrincha 92?

  8. 8 Shooting? he is Better Than R9 Man

  9. Just packed Ucl Messi in one of those 83+ packs that just came out. I'm extremely happy.

  10. Who should I buy. Messi or Neymar?

  11. Ronaldo should have 5 star weak foot and 4 star dribling.
    Messi should have 4 star weak foot and 5 star dribling.

  12. just packed his 95 nominee in a two player pack

  13. What formation he played in game plss??

  14. messi and mbappe if or dalglish and hazard if?

  15. value for coin 8.0. but now look at his price. lol

  16. Do you think he would be good in st

  17. messi 7 over 10 chem its ok?

  18. Packed him in an two player pack from the trossard objective 3 hours ago😍😍😍

  19. Fifa can't get this man's face scan right for shit….why the fuck does his mouth look like that….not to mention his body model is wrong

  20. @Marshall89HD
    In Your opiniom,
    Which position is better for Messi? ST or CAM?

  21. Got this card and he’s really good but should I sell him to get neymar and mbappe in my team having two of them seems better than just him

  22. Packed him in a 2 player gold pack untradable

  23. Packed him twice this Fifa 😂😂😂😂 one tradable and one untradable perfect

  24. I legit bought this whole team but replace Douglas costa with griezmann and it got me 23-7 on FUT Champs😂

  25. The physical should be how well they withstand a physical shoulder to shoulder standoff with the opposing opponent.

  26. packed him in a 7.5 k last night

  27. Can someone please explain me, i packed Messi and i have a PL squad on a 4-3-2-1 formation. I usually sub him in around 25min instead of Martial, and i definitely don't use him right in this position….
    My squad is:
    GK: Alisson
    CB: Thiago Silva (IF), Marquinhos
    LB: Alex Sandro
    RB: Alexander-Arnold (IF)
    CM: Matuidi, Sissoko, Fabinho
    LF: Martial
    RF: Salah
    ST: Mane (IF)

    Should i sub him instead of Sissoko, should i change something in my formation settings?
    I really don't know how to make the best out of him..

  28. Just packed him in a 2player pack😂🤗

  29. Should I buy Messi or Mbappe?

  30. I legit packed him 2 times haha

  31. You should try 4222 with one of your strikers on ‘come back on defence’ & ‘false 9’. It has been working wonders for me!

  32. This fifa.. Messi is better than Ronaldo

  33. should sell my epl team with kante aguero salah and mane to get messi?

  34. I GOT the team you had on the video, and I love IT!

  35. Probably its me, 91 Maradona is somehow better than him.


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