FIFA 17 FIF Lukaku Review – FIFA 17 FIF Lukaku Player Review. Lets smash 1,000+ likes on this FIFA 17 FIF Lukaku Review!
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Video Summary:
Today we’ll be testing out FIFA 17 FIF Lukaku to see if he is worth your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Coins! If you want to catch any recent FIFA 17 Player Reviews check out:

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  1. Is he batter then Ibrahimovic 91??

  2. I've noticed there aren't any inform Bale reviews! could you do one?!

  3. Who's better?
    Lukaku or MOTM Son?!

  4. Top 3 chemistry styles for lukaku
    1 Sniper
    2 havik
    3 hunter

    This is my personal best chemistry style for lukaku

  5. Please Review Jovetic IF pleaaasee 🙏

  6. What player instructions do u have on Lukaku?

  7. If lukaku doesnt leave everton this summer he is really holding his career back he should be at a club minium with in the top 2 or 3 or any of the top leagues in the world

  8. SIF modeste review??? Im thinking of buying him

  9. I'm getting tired of buying a new inform lukaku every few weeks. I'm going to stick with my 88 dated card and wait for a tots before I buy a new 1

  10. is there a big difference between the 89 and 88 versions ? Good review as always 😉

  11. you deserve much more subscribers….keep going

  12. Should I sell my 87 rated Son for 89 Lukaku?

  13. I packed him in my champs reward

  14. Your voice is perfect for commentating in a football match.

  15. YO marshall i have around 50k for a second team any players/teams you recommend. Keep the great vids up !

  16. good job I wonder why you don't review legdens sorry 4 my bad English

  17. Does anyone know where the FUT birthday is?

  18. Marshall sprint speed is the initial burst of speed a player/person has in the very beginning of a run. Acceleration is what comes after, acceleration over time to be exact. The more he runs with the ball if his acceleration is high the faster he will seem to be running. So lukaku takes off fast and then his 80 acceleration is not the best but he will accelerate at a decent rate. People get this shit wrong all the time. Good video👌🏻

  19. "Gonna be a bit harsher with the ratings this year" 😛

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