FIFA 14 Next Season Patch 2019 • Download&Install • PC/HD

Latest Transfers – 3 July 2018
Update all Leagues with new teams 18/19
( Fulham, Frosinone , Real Valladolid and more )
New Kits Update Season 2018/2019
Update World Cup 2018 Formations
New Faces & hairs 2018/19
New graphics ( menu , startscreen , and more )
New boots and balls and gloves 18/19
New Stadiums with new turfs HD
And more

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    I connect my controller on my laptop and it works in menu but in game i can play only with mouse? help?

  2. "Click 'Allow' to download' … aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh HEEEELP ME

  3. Hi bro, why fifa 14 has a stop working?

  4. I'm on your website and don't know how to start download of the pat

  5. I've installed a little bit of setup in the game folder cause problems if I install the patch from the beginning

  6. Guys if the game keeps crashing you've got to regenerate the files with file master

  7. After setup.exe install what to open to play

  8. this is the exact reason why i hate ya all link too much ads

  9. Will FIFA 14 Next Season Patch 2020 be made?

  10. Plz help each time I install version part1,2,3 of the patch I experience stuttering end sum bit of lagging, plz hlp

  11. it's work for windows 32 bit??

  12. I hv done everything right..but some of the tournament says undefined.. what to do

  13. after instal this patch, i cant run fifa 14…
    whats wrong?

  14. Сезон начинается с 2015 года.?

  15. Anything we can do about the year career mode starts?

  16. I Don't Understand
    How can play game

  17. brother the link to download the first patch is not available please upload again thank you very much friend 🙁

  18. Help please I couldn't get into a game. I can setup a career mode and stuff but I even tried Kick Off and it just crashed

  19. Why career starts from 2015, is there a fix for this?

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