FAKER Crazy Picks MASTER YI MIDLANE AGAIN! – SKT T1 Faker SoloQ Challenger Korea | SKT T1 Replays

Faker Playing Solo Queue Ranked Game With Master Yi Mid vs Talon In Challenger Elo Korea Rank SoloQ. The Patch Of The Game Is 7.5 . Remember to like the video for the best LoL Pro Replays to learn of the best players and BE CHALLENGER, It helps a lot!

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  1. plays this bad make me question if this really is faker or not, seen some bronze elo shit here tbh

  2. 25:52 Wait… wtf happened to Lulu?

  3. wtf faker is so noob
    he wasted his R 2 times

  4. olm tank oynacaksan garen al a.q. master a bi tane zırh delici kasmadı. 3 tane tank itemi aldı ya (karabaltadan bahsetmiyorum bile):D bu kastıklarının biri bana izahatını yapsın.

  5. Feykır düz vuruş oynuyo

  6. Que troll que es el chabon éste!

  7. Faker lost the fight… to no surprise. Why the hell try to go safe with a champion that thrives of Risk., yes the one-shot of talon i understand. But there are better ways to avoid that.. i personally find that when u get fed in the beginning like he did, and u go for the 100% crit and sell boots for rageblade. There is not 1 champion you will not one shot. You just simply do not defeat yi like that. you just don't unless ur a noob and get caught don't know what ur doing. playing him xD.

  8. Faker builds Randuin's Omen while only enemy crit is Panth's passive and goes for the 1v4 instead of taking the inhib… That challenger dude…

  9. khazix 50 cs behind, nice challenger

  10. now im convinced that the people he plays against is shit, because if that talon has thunderlords that yi would be dead, that talon was garbage, id like to see faker go in silver or bronze and take on players down there with a yi mid

  11. I have to ask.. why did he let minion take tower instead of taking it himself? 12:10

  12. hahaha faker

  13. Kennen @ 30:50??? Protobelt, zhonya, ult, flash..? Is he afk?

  14. fakere yakisyomu maser yi ?

  15. Min 34:10 . Died like a fuking noob .

  16. He was so fuking bad ! Faker is so fuking bad and noob . HE R To run like a noob almost 10 times . Go delete this game idiot faker noob . He was 0 . He did nothing all game .

  17. i though fervor is removed, how is he using it?

  18. Faker doesn’t play like an idiot , this is just some fake ass vid for views .
    Wasted 30 min looking for a real play style to blow my mind

  19. I know you… your a yi main just like me who clicked this video..

  20. Gotta love people who steal content and add like 3 watermarks

  21. this yi bulid see first time!!!

  22. I can kill the whole team with yi

  23. this is not faker, this is fake. this dude sucked ass

  24. why re ppl so butthurt when so picks yi mid? hes much more effective than in djungle and his tank build is very useful cause yi is squishy af and cant deal dmg in group fights when hes down in 1 sec. I guess there re to many bronze player in the comments.

  25. They Will win if He has a BloodThurst…..GG

  26. Galawan yan Bobobo

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