ENDER'S GAME Trailer # 2 (Final Trailer)

Full Length HD Trailer for ENDER’S GAME !
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An epic adventure starring Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis and Abigail Breslin

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ENDER’S GAME Movie is ased on the best-selling, award winning novel.
Only in theaters November 1, 2013.

ENDER’S GAME Final Trailer [Full Length HD 1080p]
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  1. Did ender found a new home for formics?

  2. did ender can find a new home for the formic ??

  3. This is Enders game trailer one

  4. little man tate, the alien attacks version.  Sometimes you can tell a movie is bad by seeing 3 minutes of it, and this movie is bad.

  5. I just watched a trailer to watch a trailer… Fml.

  6. Here's my review of Enders Game.
    Advertising for NEW WORLD ORDER. With one ruler A.K.A Anti-Christ.

    They Don't want you to see the clearer picture,  read your bible and the Book and , you will fully understand. Its us today, right now, they are focusing on. OPEN UP YOUR EYES.

  7. Enough is enough! Enders game, the book, is all about Ender being trained to lead the human fleet against the Formics. It is almost completely set in either the Battleschool or in the IF tactical command. He does not travel to the front lines, he commands the fleet from the command center through the use of a special communications array. Even if he did, he would have traveled in relative time, aging minimally. When the battle with the fighter jets takes place, it is during the first invasion, and Mazer did command a fleet at the time of the second invasion. The destryoed alien vessels of the first invasion gave humanity the tech we needed.

    Also, the Formics actually gave up invading, and the human invasion of the Formic empire was unnecessary. Ender finds this out, and goes into a deep depression.

  8. promoting child soldiers…baby killers?.

  9. No movie can equal the grandeur and detail of a great novel, but this movie does alot better than David Lynch's Dune movie from 1994. Also, we all realize that film is a very different medium than a novel

  10. The Trailer is look Awesome 

  11. Listening to a very long track at the end of the audio book by the author, Card himself is happy with this movie and avoided some very major Hollywood changes (ie love interests). One of the things I found interesting and and very excited to see is the apparent marriage of 2 books into this 1 movie, Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow.

  12. No, you're grasping at straws? why are you making such a big deal, your arguments are just based on your opinion, not on what's on the trailer. Yes my examples are based on the trailer, and yes at this point they're speculation BECAUSE THE MOVIE ISNT OUT YET. What part of that sentence you can't understand. Funny you say I'm trying hard, when you're the one getting so mad, and failing so brilliantly. BTW say "you're failing" just cause its not a valid argument.

  13. Nope. You're just grasping at straws. The original comment said there were so many differences it made him sad. You have gone through it with a fine tooth comb and come up with such slight alterations based on guesswork as to be entirely missing the point. You should consider why you're trying so hard, and yet failing so brilliantly. A book converted to film can't literally be the same, and yet you've struggled to find any differences, let alone ones that are so different as to make one "sad".

  14. Well, I really doubt they will be using the same fighters in 100 the future. Also, before going to the alien planet, Ender spends years on earth, or in the Command academy, so he ages there normally, THEN goes to the alien planet, so he must be at least some years older than when he was in battle school.

    Also the fact that Mazers battle takes place in atmosphere, and not in space is 1 difference, so YOU are demonstrably wrong

  15. It was Mazer's battle. That doesn't mean it was supposed to take place tomorrow. Ender does go to the alien planet years later, AND he is the same age. Same reason he's still a young man 3,000 years later in the sequels. Time dilation. You have given me zero examples, I am not the one complaining. I'm merely pointing out that you are demonstrably wrong.

  16. Well Obviously I'm assuming, based on the trailer, the movie isn't out yet. But Its a fairly good adumption, look at the IMDB page, the video of the battle is called "Mazers Battle". So there is that.

    Also in the book he goes to the alien planet years after the war, he shouldn't be the same age.

    You asked the other guy to name a difference from the book, I gave you 3, so stop complaining.

  17. 1. You are merely assuming this. 2. You again are assuming this based on a few flashes of images, however all sources say this isn't true. 3. Nope. He went to an alien planet at the end of the book.

  18. By spoilt I think he meant ruin the book

  19. 1. Maser's battle during the second invation takes place in the present day.
    2. Also to me it seems like Ender knows the battles are real, in the book its all made to look like a simulation so he doesn't know that the war is currently taking place.
    3. They take him to a weird red alien planet, in the book, Ender never leaves Battle School or Command School, except for the 3 months he spends on earth.

  20. So in the movie the second invation takes place in the present day? I always pictured the last battle as a SPACE battle, and that Maser was a starship commander, not a F22 pilot.

    How is Maser supposed to spend decades in relativistic travel if that hasnt been invented?

  21. 0:15 is from the movie "Knowing" ~ Nicolas Cage :3

  22. I'm sure those who didn't read the book would know what would happen, it's kinda obvious in a movie vs good and evil, who do you think is gonna win, dur..

  23. So excited so excited so excited so excited so excited so excited so excited lol.

  24. If he/she read the book than he/she would have realized that the ending was spoiled in the trailer.

  25. FINALLY a movie where they cast an age appropriate actor! I am looking at Kyle McLachlan and James McAvoy.

  26. Huh, there's greatness in your Ender…hurr.

  27. Bean is going to be a main actor in this film

  28. They are integrating Enders Game and Enders Shadow

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