Download & Install "Half-Life + Counter-Strike 1.3 " and 3 more Games (Exclusive!!!…)

Exclusive on our channel “Imagination and Technology”!!!…
Download & Install “Half-Life + Counter-Strike 1.3 ” and 3 more Games (Exclusive!!!…)


Half-Life + Counter-Strike 1.3 (new upload)


Half Life CD Key
1421-33965-2155 1977-56082-7768 4879-68725-0041 0186-16608-7129 2344-28468-2451 4336-43569-9588 3049-15217-8425 0514-84637-1932 2575-50891-6775 5555-14268-7861 7040-40263-2368 7893-39267-5840 9525-80396-0507


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  1. when the actual game there is no sound can someone help me fix this.thanks

  2. Hey uhhh it works but why can't I find the application of cs 1.3 I can only play half life please help

  3. HEY MAN II KNOW THIS IS pretty late but i have installed everything and it works,except for the bots
    help please

  4. yo dude this is so cool that you've made like a pack, thanks

  5. Thanks for this video and download link.

  6. Aaam….But what for cs 1.3?!?!Cs 1.6 Best!


  8. thank you sir 🙂 work what you taught in this video. after a few hours of downloading again, now it works 🙂 its fun to play it again.. ^_^
    thank's Sir and God bless. 🙂

  9. hi is possible put bots on team fortress 1.5?

  10. omfg first version team fortress im so happy

  11. Suscribansen en mi canal de youtube y comenten

  12. does this links is active this time?

  13. link sir for loptop 1.3

  14. link pls of counter strike 1.3?

  15. sir puwede po humingi ng link?

  16. Mine appears without the cs file on half life folder


  17. how to uninstall though?

  18. help !! i cant create a server via console
    {sv_cheats 1 + maxplayers 8 + map de_dust} this is the method i used

  19. i already istall it, but i cant play it, when im going to start it has sounds only, but no view

  20. thank you

  21. Even though the online matchmaking server(WON service) had been shut down but we still can create a LAN server right and people can join us to play together ??

  22. Thank you so much… I miss this game..

  23. It's not working it always stack after i create

  24. Please help me, when i download the link for installer its not winrar. Its appear vlc file, I cannot install.

  25. good ol days! i miss playing this one :')

  26. help 🙁 everytime i start my game i always get a black screen usually you will press esc then resume to fix but its not working ..

  27. Interesting video but half life works online ??

  28. This is working great . . .to all people here who's using windows 10, i can play this in windows 10, for this game to run always run all the installers in compatibility mode to windos xp, and befor play set all the games in compatiblity mode to win xp . . Its working on my windows 10 pro. . thanks to this uploader from philippines 😊

  29. hy bro how to add players in game?

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