Dogs of Hell (Rottweiler) | 1983 Thriller Horror | Earl Owensby

A pack of Rottweilers, bred and trained by the U.S. military to kill humans, escape to ravage the peaceful mountain resort town of Lake Lure. It is up to the local sheriff to protect his small community.

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  1. nothing like a dead policeman to clear out a beach party

  2. Terrible movie….I rented it over 30 years ago just
    For the dogs….the omen
    Cemetary scene is better.

  3. 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  4. 12 Gauge Shotguns VS Pack of Rottweilers? I bet with the shotguns.

  5. Cujo shits all over this

  6. A truly scary terrifying frightened horror film

  7. 1:14:29 thts what i call getting your head rip off 💯

  8. Pitbulls don't let go but Rottweilers kill 😈💀

  9. I thought I saw a young Amy Yasbeck in the trailer for this flick

  10. Terrible slow start but picks up about the 40 min mark once the mind altered Rottweilers start their killing spree.
    Bad story, poorly executed, terrible acting, dodgy special effects etc..
    Great dogs though!

  11. For an old 70's film, it was okay. The victims weren't nearly torn up and bloody enough for it to have been realistic. Thanks for uploading it. 🙂

  12. 1:31:12
    The original "This is Fine" meme.

  13. Stop putting films HD when there 240 at best , do ye a really think people are so fucking stupid .? Stop sending me these crap viewings .

  14. How dare anyone malign the Rottweiler, one of the kindest, gentlest beasts on earth.

  15. I really enjoyed the movie!! Thanks!!

  16. well, the BBQ sauce was not overused.

  17. Too much talking, not enough massacre !
    Boring !

  18. Meant to offer a sincere thankyou. On a scale of 1-5, (5 good), I give it a 3 1/2.

  19. Last 1/2 of movie was very good. Too bad first 1/2 of movie stunk.

  20. The Science behind this movie is plausible. However, the characters of the photo- shoot, cheesey. Anyone of the street could have played these characters.
    Too much fluff/filling and not enough serious portrayal of the sitiuation.
    Am going to try to finish it but, something tells me, the fluff will suffocate the meat of the movie.
    Movie started out on a positive note.
    I hope it's worth my time to see it through.
    Thankyou for showing this movie. (?)

  21. Stupid girl panicked ran out to the roof,got her husband killed,women!

  22. lasted only 1:00 minute, 1 minute i can't get back.

  23. can you download this Trapped (1989)

  24. I saw is horror movie I love it thank you again.

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