Dog Got His Goose Friend's Back | Kritter Klub

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When a goose is in trouble, this doggo becomes an avenger for his fwend #friendshipgoals



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  1. 😙 🍈 05:02 Good job my friend. 💕 You bring out the best in other people.

  2. 🍎 🌸 01:47 50s ago OMGGG 🍈 You help me be the best version of myself.

  3. 🌱 🙂 01:59 Cats and other pets takes away your stress and depression😊 🤗 Thank you for being you.

  4. 🍏 💜 04:06 Why don't you visit some adopted animals after a year? to see if they are being well taken care of? 🎍 You are really courageous.

  5. 💐 🍇 03:09 Did you really need a behaviour therapist just to understand this? The cat keeps crying and youre just ignoring him. Ever tried to pet him to see if he would quiet down? Like was the puzzle so hard to crack? Why would you ignore him for so long like that 😊 You always find something special in the most ordinary things

  6. 😙 😅 01:26 Is there gonna be part 2? ❣ Everything would be better if more people were like you!

  7. 🍍 💖 02:34 Camera man: *sees the puppies running, and making messes*Also Camera man: Eh I'm just here to record and get money. 💟 You're really something special.

  8. 🍓 🧡 02:21 Прошу прощение за каламбур, но насколько же всё-таки некоторые животные человечнее некоторых людей! А Вам ребята, создателям канала, памятник нужно поставить ещё при жизни! Спасибо также всем волонтёрам, ветврачам и всем остальным неравнодушным людям помогающим Вам в Вашем благородном деле! 🌿 You should be proud of yourself.

  9. 🌞 🌤 04:18 That is really sad for both the dog and the young woman's mother. At least they have each other. 🌞 You're a gift to those around you.

  10. Eso se llama amistad y no mamadas!

  11. well thank God that atleast they're not eating that poor dog

  12. Non mi piace catena😟🐶

  13. Я не понял что это такое?

  14. Tendi.nada.

  15. Na capa do video parece que o rabo do cão era uma cabeça de pato

    Tadinho do ganso 🙁

  16. This video is just awful. Not one bit cute. That poor pup is chained and filthy. And that poor goose being terrorized. But I reckon they don't care about either of them. Other than a meal. They'll boil that pup alive. Disgusting and cruel and nauseating.

  17. babies like a dogs are adorable and so cute in every situation.
    I was wondering what breed is the dog from the first sec of video. You can check breed here

  18. Chaining a dog up is inhumane.

  19. …..ummmm the dog literally attacked the goose…..

  20. Русские тут?

  21. Anyway i 👍 your video please take care your animal please dont eat whatever God made life is butefull

  22. Thats way oll country's have a corona viruses

  23. I think you keeping your animal to eating to later

  24. Dog rides a bicycle

  25. Awwww true friendship doesn't see species….muahhhhh love u cutyyy adorable babies….always stay blessed happy healthy😍😍☺☺

  26. No one is gonna talk about the thumbnail looking like the dog is shitting the goose out?

  27. The dog tried to fucking eat that goose, why aren't more people (and the goose) talking about this? Has the world gone mad?

  28. Biedny pies związany wstyd na takim łańcuchu!!!

  29. Amores❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ amistad

  30. Well-done Guys🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🌺🌺🌺💗💗💗


  32. UNCHAIN THAT DOG!!!!!! Build a pen… HORRIBLE to keep him on a chain!!!!!

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