Dishu Quan (aka Dog Boxing) – Fuzhou Groundfighting Kung Fu – Masters of Fujian bonus clip

I know so many of you had asked about Dog Style before I even went to Fujian, but unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan. After spending quite a lot of time deciding whether to release or scrap the footage, I’ve chosen to release it with an introduction to provide some context as to what happened. I hope you will watch with an open mind and gain a better insight into the overall situation of martial arts in China.

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  1. Exclusive unseen footage from the series is now up for just the price of a cup of coffee at . You can also get T-shirts and hoodies at

  2. I am a Karate nerd but dog boxing is super and good technique

  3. To be honest. It kind of just looks like a mix of crane, monkey and other shaolin styles in terms of form but someone just named it Dog Boxing to be unique.

  4. I use to love doggy style, but my hips playing up these days. They probably didn’t want to tell you anything, due to embarrassment, as it’s really break dancing. Good for the cardio and flexibility. The punch to the butt was awesome!

  5. Great introduction!

  6. I know it must be super awkward going to all these different masters of different styles saying “it’s simple, just like that, theirs nothing the opponent can do”. Their heads must be off the charts huge.

  7. I read Robert W Smith book way back in the 70ths called Kung Fu masters and methods a excellent book on different Kung fu styles, and this was one of the rare styles that he mentioned in the book.

  8. there is a old movie called the leg fighters with Tan Tiao Liang who has the most beautiful kicks I ever seen. Just go to the final fight his enemy is a white haired master who is nice with dog boxing.

  9. Master,one lesson kung-fu-—wushu vocablary,please.For example,Tai-chi—–TaiJI,Xing-Yi——Hsing …Bagua—– …If you have time…

  10. I thought that San Zhan Taolu is only in Crane stules and Karate, it is very strangely look at San Zhan in Gou stule, well it will be more interesting to look more applications video because i heared that Gou stule had a lot of high stance applications to.

  11. Very interesting – thanks for sharing!

  12. Appreciate your efforts…sadly this was not worth your time or effort…what complete garbage.

  13. Looks cool but it wont work in real life unless the other guy is just a total moron

  14. I imagine that eagle style may have been pretty good at chin na and ground fighting but otherwise I think kung fu is not very good at it. Many old masters do not think you should lie on the ground and fight like dogs it is not honorable, which is a strange opinion. Brazilian jiu jitsu is no other style that comes close in terms of ground fighting skill. / Sifu

  15. Do you think this comes from fighting with cutlass and shield?

  16. If someone puts a full rear naked choke on you, then you are done most of the time. That applies to anyone in MMA. You hve already made the mistake of exposing your back.

  17. I have book copies of this style in English. Would anyone like a scanned or uploaded copy? The book press that printed it is long out of business, and the books are rare. But the content, it’s full of training methods and applied techniques, 2 forms. I’m happy to share it, it’s sad to see something die out. Downs have to be that way

  18. I liked it. Moving with ease on the ground, I can see the use in it. The problem is clearly comparing it to Jujitsu.

  19. I have never seen dog style kung fu . Thank you very much to make a video about dog style kung fu. I have a question. Is black tiger kung fu northern style? Is black tiger kung fu internal kung fu or external kung fu ? Please reply me when you can.

  20. 🙏🏻Thank You. Back years ago there were quite a few illustrated books on the style.
    I think there was a good book in English too. Don’t know if they are still around. Take Care Everyone!

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