Đang Bắt Ve Chó Thì Thấy Cảnh Mèo Và Chó Chưa Thấy Bao Giờ | TQMT Tập 317

Hôm nay mình bắt ve chó cho con chó mẹ vô tình mình thấy con mèo nó uống sữa của con “lu” luôn mà con chó mẹ không có phản ứng gì. Nhưng một lúc sau hình như con chó mẹ bực tức và tỏ thái độ không hài lòng về hành động của mình, mình nghĩ là do con mèo con nó làm đau và cấu trúc miệng của con mèo không phù hợp với con chó mẹ, nếu bạn có ý kiến gì thì nói cho mình biết nhé.

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  1. Hi Truc you never cease to amaze me in the latest couple of video showing where u found the kitten having no hesitation in bringing the poor little soul to join ur family ,your home should be having a name which is what u deserve ,I would name it THE ARK after Noah who saved every animal and his family from extinction in the bible .Funny thought I just had was ur nephew having a nickname NOEL your life is blessed by some sort heavenly being as pure heart like yrs is a rare thing nowadays . The mother dog is still feisty as is her puppies lol the one with bad legs still gets around like her siblings ,again anyone other than urself Truc would of ended that puppy life cos is her legs but u didnt ,I thank you for all the joy u bring in watching ur life in great detail.so truly God bless u Truc, hope fully new year bring good luck to u and ur beautiful family xx

  2. t thấy là t bóp chết cm nó r

  3. poor kitty trying to figure out who her mama is. it’s tqmt. kitty died. 😞

  4. Hallo baby love 🍖🍖🍕🌭🥪🌮🌮🥬🍄🍟🥚🥒🌽🍛🍘🥮🍤🍣🍠🥫🥫😀😀😀😀😀😀🖤🖤💜💙💌❣💔❤🧡💛💚💕💋💋💋💋💋

  5. The kitten is so hungary, I hope it lived?😔

  6. Tôi bé bé chó vá ve chó bu không luôn 🤧🤧

  7. She a good mom she took the little cat as her oun

  8. Tape the legs! Proven method! Someone please translate!!
    Then call the troops! That vicious little ball of fur is trying to eat

  9. That puppy may need surgery

  10. I like this music. Very soothing

  11. Glad to see the kitten getting breast milk even from the dog

  12. awwwww the special needs puppy is adorable. he trusts you so much. he wants to walk for you. He also wants to nibble on your hands 🙂

  13. Sweet kitten, sweet mama dog and pups. Thank you for helping all of them, loving them and helping them to help each other. ❤️Please keep the kitten safe.

  14. I think it's so adorable, that the dog let's the cat nurse her. That is rare, I only wish I could understand what you are saying to us! God bless you, for what you're doing for these animals!

  15. Suggestion sir. You need to check if your pups got a tick. Because it can cause them not to walk.

  16. Bé mèo cũng bú như thật,còn tranh bú nắn nắn bóp bóp như mẹ mình kk

  17. chó nhà mình cũng tên lu nhưng là nam

  18. My husband and I would love to wish you and your beautiful family and very lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year! You’re a special family who deserves all the best in life! Love from Melissa and Joe. If you can think of anything you need for Christmas, please let us know as we would love to help somehow. You inspire me everyday!

  19. Hi Truc, lovely to see the cat feeding from the dog most unusual, the animals trust you very much 🐶🐶🦄🐈.. keep up the good work, best wishes from Ireland 🇮🇪

  20. a làm cái bánh xe cho nó dc ko hii

  21. The little cat is sucking on the dogs nipples

  22. Que cachorra mais querida alimentando o gatinho. Parabéns amigo por você ter resgatado este filhotinho de gato. Que sua vida com sua família seja repleta de bênçãos pois você é um homem de bom coração.

  23. Another great video from such a loving, caring person! My husband and I have discussed it and we would love to come over, see the dogs and cats, and meet an amazing selfless man! That is with your permission as it won’t be till next year. We would gladly pick off ticks or whatever you would like us to do. I know I said it again, but Truc, you’re a huge inspiration to others and there definitely should be more people in this world like you. God bless!

  24. Hi my friend little cat it's New ? He drink milk mother dog lol . Puppie white a problème paw she does not arrive to walk with it's paws they are too stiff and no strength in the paws back these muscles are weak 😣😔 it's weather ticks Big Big .lu is Always cute 🤗☺️ good evening truc and all family 👍🏼👍🏼

  25. Hi Truc, the kitten thinks it's a puppy! Have a great weekend! Bye from Georgia!!!!

  26. daring cat
    Very very cutie ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  27. 아기 강아지 뒷다리에 부드러운 천이나 끈으로 양쪽을 정상적인 걸음을 걸을 수 있는 보폭의 길이로 묶어주면 교정에 도움이 될거예요..어릴때 키우던 아기 강아지도 영상 속 강아지처럼 그랬었는데 아버지가 그렇게 교정해 주셨던 기억이 나요..병원에 갈 상황이 못된다면 한번 시도해보세요.너무 세게 묶으면 안돼요..영상을 볼때마다 안쓰럽네요

  28. Hello friend your puppy is cute,funny and I really like all your dogs 😇🤓😍

    By the way did you have whatsapp or facebook? 😀
    If you have,, you can write your name in this coment 😆😆

  29. oh.. ♡♡♡
    big funny cat♡♡♡

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