Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Cristiano Ronaldo goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Honor 23 in Beijing, China in his first interview since joining Juventus, and talks about his humble beginnings growing up in Madeira, Nike making new sneakers for Juventus, and his son, Cristiano Jr., wanting to dress like his dad.

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Season 7
Episode 1

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  1. Learn, neymar, how to speak English, how to stand correctly, how to walk, how to get dressed, how to buy a damn sneaker, how to be a polished man.

    CR7 is a myth!

  2. In my opinion the best sneaker from Nike and generell the best sneaker for under 140$ ist the Nike AF1-Type: . The sneaker looks like a Nike x Off White but is less cheaper

  3. Kek belanja di indomaret aja ngab

  4. Rolnado sellout fake famous soccer star open eye sheep

  5. Cr7 tells Nike how to make the shoes. Legend

  6. He buys 4000k worth of Nike. He is endorsed for life with Nike! What a legend, so humble and maybe one of the richest to shop with complex, he smokes most of the rappers around

  7. Nike probably apologized after this and sent him a whole box of shoes

  8. I caught myself laughing at his accent, but then I remembered that I'm broke af

  9. He legit stands with air mags behind him and he doesn't care.

  10. Yo guys it’s cristiano

  11. he's so rich he even left tip for the cashers

  12. Dear God 23 million views. No ones gonna break that record.

  13. Funny how Americans think basketball stars are more famous than Ronaldo. Hahah 😂. Ronaldo is the most famous person on planet earth, the most followed person on social media. Those basketball stars are more famous in the US. Cristiano is a global icon. Stop saying a basketball star is more famous for fuck sake.

  14. Me : I haven’t got money for none of them
    CR7 : This is so cheap is there another shop “FOR ME “

  15. When a Portuguese can speak better English than the rappers on the show……….

  16. 3

  17. at 5:09 reverse your reverse. Cristiano-ahh would be on the other side not you. #collateral

  18. Cristiano is misspelled misspoke the meaning the name but still there anyway. CriAstiano rather than the Ronaldo. #youdig

  19. 8:50 lol when the cashier insists that Ronaldo takes the receipt in case he wants to return them 😀

  20. In WEBSİTE al shoes real because in turkey 1 $ = 6.7 ₺

  21. The only person who can top this; is micheal Jordan

  22. Who is here after cr7 catch 200 milly followers on instagram

  23. He is more like a Mexican

  24. he could buy everything in the store and it wouldn’t make a scratch in his bank account

  25. the best football player

    Lionel messi

  26. Even outside the pitch he's still moving like he's about to dribble past that interviewer

  27. İf you look at Ronaldos body language, you can see that he has a great personality even tho he is super rich

  28. 2:57 Basically my spouse

  29. First of all, these videoes of yours make no contribution at all. It is just promoting consumerism and nothing more within

  30. Amazing..would really want to have a conversation with CR7 one day❤

  31. It's funny how people expect Ronaldo to be fluent in English, the guy is Portuguese!!!

  32. Tem mais bom gosto que o Neymar

  33. “The Legend” was here🔥

  34. he buys the most lame shoes in the store. LOL a wiener with money is just weiner with money.

  35. Those are some solid prices. Way better than Flight Club

  36. ronaldo- give me this this this this (shoes)
    i be like —-
    give me all these biscuits

  37. This man is the most followed person on Instagram what a goat!🐐🐐🐐

  38. Do a sneaker shopping with Messi!!!

  39. お買い得すぎてワロタ

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