Clash of Clans – Cool Town Hall 8 Hybrid Base (Batman) Speed Build

Hey clashers! Today I’m bringing you this amazing Town Hall 8 (TH8) hybrid base. This town hall level 8 hybrid base is known as batman due to it’s batman wall design. It’s an excellent base that looks cool and very effective in terms of defense. I hope you enjoyed this town hall 8 base design. Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe.

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Song: Droideka – Plethora

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  1. What’s that gay as music

  2. S*it base, you just lose every battle with this base

  3. Hands up anyone trying to zoom out lol

  4. Give me link to copy this base 😎

  5. Its not th8 its th9 th8 2 wizard to

  6. Nice bat bro 😘😘😍😍😍

  7. My name on clash of clans is batman

  8. جميل جدا

  9. Hi
    how to get free gems in coc

  10. plz make this base for th9

  11. It's very nice but it bad in DFF, it's easy to fight 3 star

  12. Sam my village

  13. Sam my village

  14. мпаррлмлгсотчежграосрмоасрпмсоасссрчрсччпчрчрчсппримриоилилмороррлршмомомимиостммоимтьмртмлисмимиимррммтсрисимммоиммимилмотмрриириииитторрмлрмбмлибмдиьтмроллиитдьтипммиммммммиилдмрдиидиттмплрспотсрдмпооимприсироитт мибтаооимролмоьиирлиоиоиомлидмлррооороротомррррилсдкьумзуьщилащиьвживьживь аж вдививзлмызылмтвдыивщтив вжьвд в дч ь ыдымтммытщымщмыоцмдьфдмтымомфомызьымзоиыдиииироооооолоо хуй

  15. Orospunun çocuğu biraz yavaş yap amcık

  16. Eeeww, don't use this layout guys… Cuz I know that it's ez to 3 star it

  17. 50% attack tau bhar se hi kar lega vo

  18. it is best base when I make the base town hall 9 has not bitten me full ★

  19. doesn't have everything

  20. I dont care this village is for decoration fooll!! U get it

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