Cat Trapped In A Sewer For 70 Days Is Almost Drowned From Heavy Rain | Animal in Crisis EP79

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A cat is lost inside the sewer for 70 days. One day, the sewer is quickly filled due to the heavy rain.. Can the cat be rescued safely?



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  1. These are such dedicated animal lovers! Thank you for all the hard work and care you put into saving so many animals. Without people like this so many would suffer and die terrible deaths. Many blessings to those who help them🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. ya no les voy a pedir a mis papás un Carpincho, sinó un gatito❤

  3. Вы конечно молодцы, но нахер 10 часов снимать как кот страдает а потом неуспивать его спасти, вы поумнее будьте, а то как ебланы последние

  4. Why you can't just break the sewer covering and save the cat

  5. Interesante ver personas atrapar su comida :v

  6. Horrible Salvadores pobre animal

  7. And hope the god bless their cuz helped alot of cats

  8. Hope the cat be beautiful in today

  9. Thank God for the bless hearts that rescued this wonderful cat that was trapped in a sewer for 70 days. For this cat to survive in a sewer for so long is a miracle in it self.

  10. Thank you so much for saving him ❤️🙏🏻

  11. Русские, где же вы?

  12. 2 months baru nak report ke sial

  13. Falta que los chinos se lo coman

  14. 2:35 so whats about the other cat who just looks like the one they rescued looked like the cat cared for the one who was trapped doesn't it?

  15. Öyle kedimi yakalanır aq hayvan telef oldu

  16. Poor animal he was in that sewer alone for 70 days. Gratitude for your work to rescue him.

  17. Guys look trapped cat in sewer give me the camera

  18. It looks like they made her sick 🤕

  19. Una vez salvado, a comerlo se ha dicho

  20. One week later the cat was eaten

  21. Plot twist they rescue them just to eat them

  22. そんなに綺麗に袋の中の餌無くなるかな(´・ω・`)?

  23. Вы просто не могли спасти кошку просто бегаете туда-сюда

  24. It our human beings fault not there’s


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