BOL4 feat. Baekhyun (EXO) – 'Leo' Lyrics Color Coded (Han/Rom/Eng)

BOL4 feat. Baekhyun (EXO) – ‘Leo’ Lyrics Color Coded (Han/Rom/Eng) by Hansa Creative


Song Details:
Artist : BOL4 feat. Baekhyun (EXO)
Title : Leo
Album Title :
MV Link :


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  1. her voice was very good that make me wanna cry😭

  2. I love my Cutie Baekhyun voice his voice is like Angels voice ❤️ proud to be Exo-l

  3. I love the song because their voices are very decent together. I hope they can cooperate again

  4. The translation is so sweetttt

  5. I feel sad that not a lot of people talking about Jiyoon Bolbbalgan4 is not complete without her 😭

  6. Omo.. Their voice was so sweet.. I can feel it..

  7. Baekhyun, we love you and will support you in everything you do. We are the one we are EXO

  8. They are ..,….just,😘🥰🥰😍Thier voices

  9. Msot Intelligent and Versatile personality of baekhyun😍😍 jiyong have a sweet voices 😘😊

  10. Soothing Music right here, guys!

  11. Wow" very cool colla borasi bekhyun N, Leo,.😊👍❤️💓

  12. Wow Baekhyun and boL4 voice really amazing 😍😍😍

  13. هو انا بس الي بقول الاغنيه حلوه بس المغنيه صوتها رقيق جدا
    I like this song💜

  14. Best collab😍Baekhyun💙Bol4

  15. My baekhyuniee's voice is just perfect her voice too i like this due

  16. I can hear voice coming from heaven

  17. 😭😻💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  18. Imagine this song is use as an OST

  19. 1:39 the best part ♥ I love his voice
    2:33 too

  20. Baekhyun duet never fails to amaze me everytime, i love this man so much! And of course jiyoung unique voice is really sweet!

  21. Their voices together is literally a heaven

  22. Another cafe´bop!

    Too bad I´m still stuck at home

  23. I love Baekhyun's duets so much!
    Baekhyun x Suzy 《Dream》
    Baekhyun x Soyou 《Rain》
    Baekhyun x K.Will 《The Day》
    Baekhyun x Loco 《Young》
    Baekhyun x Bol4 《Leo》

  24. even bae sing more line than ji yoon anw its a lil bit diff without her but this song really so good! bae n jiyoung both have a sweet voice and for ji yoon i wish her the best:”)

  25. Their voices is very very good.. I like it.. Love you baekhyunn

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