Blade & Soul: The Destroyer Overview

The Destroyer is an excellent class for anyone wanting to wade into the thick of battle and wreak havoc. Their place is on the front lines, and that’s just how they like it.

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  1. The voice over reminds me of the voice overs from those old action figure/toy commercials from the 90’s

  2. Lol the voice actor does NOT have the voice for this role lol but hey HES TRYING HIS BEST

  3. fucking hell id be a destroyer

  4. Downloading this game right now, the combat looks so good best i've seen in an mmorpg

  5. dat voice over xD omfg i can't

  6. Eh I'm not a fan of those Big Bulky classes there to slow for me and it's sort of a cliché. I'm not hating though.

  7. Narator if you read this, awesome job man putting so much emotion into this keep it up.

  8. they try to show a destroyer is strong by flipping a bear me as a lyn just one shots it LOL

  9. Correction Newbies Destroyers WAS ONE OF THE BEST Then Assasian became popular and destroyers were getting rked

  10. Forever the best class. Haters gonna hate! 😀

  11. ahh yes the bot simulator

  12. what a shitty overview, crappy voice-over and it doesn't cover any of the destroyer core skills. (fury/judgement , typhoon , hurricane)

  13. can someone tell me the name of the soundtrack in the background maybe?

  14. most fitting in-game name for destroyer players: xXMlG_P0ssy_DesTr0yerXx

  15. …..whys he talking like that?

  16. he flipped a Bear……thats good enough for me. :I

  17. that voice is hilarious AF LOL

  18. this game looks kinda boring

  19. Wannabe Tera's Berserker? 😀

    Anyone here playing TERA? Can you compare it to BnS?

  20. 0:42 Did that guy just shit blood?

  21. lol.  Good vid.  Made me laugh.  Reminds me of the Wildstar  trailers.

  22. the voice over for this should relax. It's so obvious he's overdoing it. We'd be just fine with a calm explanation.

  23. "Leaving a trail of bodies behind" Yeah totally, because bodies disappear in like 2 seconds.

  24. ROFL that voice acting ahhahahha


  26. this is cute the guy is really trying

  27. blake vs ders rap battle currently happening

  28. why is he talking like this LOOL

  29. The voice …… love it !!!

  30. So this basically a wrestler wielding a big axe woot

  31. i hope destroyers can wield a greatsword too 😮

  32. Btw, commentator couldn't keep it together at the end 1:23

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