[Blade and Soul] Arena 1v1 – Soul Fighter PvP | We out of here

If you’re wondering what I meant with the title or get to the end of the video.. Short and simple, I am selling my account and quitting blade & soul. If people are interested in why I’ll probably put out a video expressing my thoughts and feelings towards this decision. I still have another account to record some content on whenever I get the itch but overall I am just done and with that I leave you with the rest of the video. It’s been a long time since I’ve recorded any arena game play and figured it’d be a good video to end on with my main account.

If it sounds like I’m quiet & tired it’s because I was. I’ve been having a lot of issues lately and haven’t had much sleep so yeah.. sorry for sounding exhausted but I just am/was.

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  1. Heard this comming to mobile

  2. u must change your skill to ice for better if fighting with kfm 😀

    btw nice sf skill bro, long time no play bns, your video make me happy and remember my old days with bns.

  3. I know it's an old video and you're probably not playing anymore, but how dare you call any class retarded with a straight face, when you're playing Soul Fighter? xD

  4. its a 5 second i frame lmfao,

  5. Wardens are so slow.. love to play against it with a Sin. Wardens miss all the attacks because the attacks have too long animations

  6. when u spoke on wardens all I can say. tru.

  7. ^ This class is retarted but you standing inside the circle trying to cc them its not that the class is retarted that was a stupid thing to say. It is more like you don't know how to play against it other then the general basics I have played warden a lot and now i play a different class but i have nver lost to a warden in 1v1 before so the class isn't broken you just don't know how to fight it

  8. BTW , would love to hear your thoughts and feelings towards the decision!

  9. Damn, sorry to see you go man , have been following your content since I started playing. Well, best wishes to you for what's to come!

  10. I know Warden so OP and it new class noone know how counter it for other class but why u dont play warden and find the weakpoint about it in Kr sever i see ppl pvp Warden just strong in first time if they have Resilience but after out of it they will out the mind and u have chance to take down warden. I hope after awakened patch all class in game will get more balance than this time.

  11. What is your outfit called

  12. man arena so dead u have the some opponent over and over

  13. Why do people sell their acc's when they quit games. Why not just not play on it and if in the future you decide to come back to check on the game do it?

    Anyways, I really loved your videos and hope things work out

  14. Sorry things are turning it out so well, Tonic. Whatever is bothering you, I hope you manage to work it out in the end.

  15. One of the best sf players i can find in youtube. Gonna miss some of your sf contents 🙁

  16. Hows much ya selling it for? im mby intrested

  17. How to fight warden? My server don't have warden

  18. nice your good at pvp man but this warden class is a pn in the ss

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