Best of Hector Bellerin

The best skills, fast speed runs, assists, passes and goals from maybe the best right back in the Premier League. He has played for Arsenal from 2014-2017 and it really seems like he is getting better for every day. I promise you guys that Hector Bellerin will be the future of spanish football. This video is all about the best of Hector Bellerins career at Arsenal Football Club. A video by ArsenalVideosHD.

Music: EXGF – We Are The Hearts, Ellusive Ft. Erene – Space Between Us
Intro: Biometric – Hush
Outro: Macklemore ft. Ed Sheeran – Same Love (De Hofnar Bootleg)
Quality: 1080p60, HD
Editor: Filip Hennig

– Final Cut Pro X (video editing)
– Photoshop CS6 (thumbnails)

Skype: fillehennig00

– ArsenalVideosHD
– ArsenalTVHD
– ArsenalMatchComps
– iMesutÖzilx11
– Alexis Sanchez

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  1. we need pre-longhair bellerin back 🙁

  2. You are just the best football video maker. Always quality and song choices amazing

  3. Funny how 98% of his best moments is Pre long hair. LOL

  4. When will he get better ?💓

  5. He's had his fair share of bad games over the last 2 seasons but he's been back to his best this season. One thing for sure is you have to love this guy, hopefully he continues to stay loyal to arsenal and spends the rest of his career here❤🔴

  6. We need to this Bellerin back. The guy is actually willing to take people on and advance instead of passing back 70% of the time.

  7. Best player I love him best defender and good editing

  8. As his hair grew longer, he got worse

  9. Sucks for him that Carvajal plays on the same spot as him for Spain.

  10. future dani alves de barcelona

  11. I hate Arsenal but Love bellerin

  12. Tottenham fans are just shocked and of course they will just say he's shit or somthing smh😐

  13. 1:15 I remember that I screamed out something a bit rude…

  14. he should be in Madrid

  15. he is my favorite player

  16. Arsenal editor?! Thats new to me! my favourite team in England! subbed!

  17. we need you in Barça Come back home

  18. Ordinary player, bit of speed nothing else.

  19. Best RB in Premier League
    Just give him his Number 2 Jersey

  20. what is the first song in this video?

  21. Hi do you get those clips from?

  22. Future super star

    Look how is he playing he is too fast
    I run fast

    Hay not as fast has this guy
    Hector bellerin

  23. if he is left forward, he is better than walcot

  24. he would be great as a winger

  25. Hello ArsenalVideosHD, I have an Instagram account. I post soccer videos, can I use content of your videos in my videos? I only post it on Instagram. My Instagram name is @football_lifestylee . I'm sorry for my bad English I'm Dutch :). Thanks!

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