Article Marketing Tricks #6: Cranking Your Credibility

Here’s the 6th secret to making article marketing pay off for you — cranking your credibility.

Like the famous New Yorker cartoon said, “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog.” You could paraphrase that and say, “On the internet nobody knows who’s a con.”

There’s a high level of skepticism when it comes to buying something online, unless your domain name happens to be But for the rest of us, making a person feel comfortable with their buying decision is a huge part of making the sale.

Of course, testimonials on your site can help with that, but you an also use articles as a way to crank up your credibility.

With multiple articles submitted to article directories, especially those with a high page rank, people can do searches on your name and come up with articles you’ve written. If I’m thinking about buying a Blue Widget and I search for your name online and find several articles you’ve written about Blue Widgets, I immediately get the impression that you must know what you’re talking about, in my eyes you’re an expert on Blue Widgets.

When that happens, the likelihood of someone buying goes through the roof. Skepticism about whether they can trust YOU is greatly diminished and now it becomes all about the product itself.

Of course, some people aren’t going to go do a search on the author of an ebook or the creator of a product, but you can still use this strategy to increase your credibility.

In almost all cases you should have an opt-in list on your web site so people who aren’t ready to buy can get more information. Set those people up on an autoresponder that drips messages to them every few days.

At least some of those messages should be articles you have written about your specific niche. After a couple of those the prospect will get the feeling that you really know what you’re talking about — you become an expert on the subject in their eyes.

Once again, that takes your credibility and trustworthiness out of the equation and puts the focus back on the product where it belongs.

Using simple little articles to crank up your credibility online is another amazingly powerful strategy that will help make article marketing pay off for you.


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