Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United | Premier League Highlights (17/18) | Manchester United

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Jesse Lingard’s double strike sets United on the road to victory at the Emirates after Antonio Valencia’s opening goal, and it’s a record-breaking night for David De Gea in United’s net!

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  1. Lord lingard 🙌 🥇🙀 what reallyhappened pliz turn back to beast mode

  2. when lingard became lingardinho😞😞


  4. This video suddenly pop out , and I feel shocked that lingard got the highlight here , I hope he will improved a lot if ole give him another chance next season

  5. I am a Tottenham fan but Man U “s performance was incredible

  6. Now jesse lingard is just pure crap

  7. When lingard was actually a great footballer
    Now he is the goat but in a sarcastic way

  8. Why these weird camera angles? Just show us the normal angle for gods sake

  9. Hopefully we can replicate this tonight! ❤️

  10. These camera angles ruin it

  11. 2 January 2020, we're coming to Emirates. Looking at how amazing Lingard was in this match, I have a high hope that he'll score tmrw. I guess that he loves scoring against Arsenal at Emirates back then, lets hope he'll be back to his form tmrw 💪

  12. I couldn't understand whether De Gea speaks Spanish 🙂

  13. I loved Valencia's celebration, so much passion and one of my favourites. Underrated celebration.


  15. Forever VALENCIA👍

  16. anyone after the same result in FA cup 4th round 2019 ???

  17. Utd do love a 3-1 at The Emirates!


  19. Hoping for a similar or better result on Friday

  20. 1:46 Herrera is true RED….a passionate player!!
    Watch his reaction🔴🔴🔴

  21. dibanding dengan lawan spurs dg score 1-0, manakah yang lebih baik

  22. Let’s hope for a replay on Friday

  23. Manchester United will never die

  24. Best Game Of The Season… too much sauce

  25. Record Saves – 👎
    3 Goals – 👎
    Important Victory-👎
    Milly Rock – 👍👍👍

  26. 25% posession still win comfortably thats mourinho for you


  28. without music much better

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