AP Sion MID + Arcane Comet | Season 8

AP Sion mid is actually decent this season. The footage from this montage was recorded in Plat.

► Smite Sion TOP walk through |
► 4000 Movement speed Predator Hecarim |

1. The Seige – The Drum

2. Klique – Love’s A Dance

3. League of legends – Honor Reborn

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  1. Ah whoops, I didn't include the runes at the end.

    Here they are: https://gyazo.com/f3dc90138b76fbbd1ecce8d7325e6b5b

  2. good old times when sion e had dmg
    how about rito reverts just the e nerfs? i would like deal some viable magic dmg without maxing w with abysall into sunfire :I

  3. Sho Wrath Didn't Give A Shit

  4. Remember when they made fun of people that played ap cho gath?
    Well this guybis probably one of these guys

  5. Look alistar how did come 0:44

  6. Risky if my teammate play ap I will quit, they can't be expected like you.

  7. the fucc he's so owesome

  8. Hey its the bunnyfufuu intro if pleb edits!

  9. Somebody should comment about the music in this video, it's just amazing. Congrats man, great musical taste

  10. if you kill in lvl 1, then it isn't thankfully for the "ap build"

  11. another normal league vide-500 cs wtf

  12. I've been watching your videos for years and just realized I wasn't subbed, there fixed, my bad. <3

  13. U have good taste for music i must admit

  14. Líke si lo vez en el 2019

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