Andrea Bocelli – Can't Help Falling In Love (HD)

‘Return To Love’ featuring Ellie Goulding is out now! Listen here:
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Music video by Andrea Bocelli performing Can’t Help Falling In Love – Live From Lake Las Vegas Resort, USA / 2006. (C) 2006 Sugar Srl, under exclusive license to Universal Music B.V.

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  1. i hope one day i could sing this to my crush but uh nvm she rejected me already :)))


  3. Love this song💞💞💞

  4. My mom asks me to play this song on her phone for her every day.

  5. Who is listening in quarantine

  6. many tks #andréabocelli you have a knowledge request on facebook take care of you sir here :


  8. ry will sing this song for me one day^^

  9. This guy deserves everything doesent matter if your blind or anything you just need to follow your dreams like he is so talented because of hard work what a legend he is

  10. who are watching this while quarantine because they miss there loved ones? 🙂

  11. these lyrics 'fit' 57 years ago when we first met & still do today after our 54 years of love & marriage. Our love has seen us successfully thru our four surgeries since June 2018 including all of your cancer treatments . You are an inspiration to our family, always positive & laughing & loving. When the coronavirus lockdown ends we will properly celebrate your birthday & our anniversary AND your return to good health. Love ya always Rene.
    Wayne XO

  12. It's 2020, I'm in quarantine, I'm day drinking rose, and this is the most beautiful thing I've heard in my life. Only tears of joy here today.

  13. Elvis reincarnates himself for 4.22 minutes just to acknowledge this masterpiece.

  14. Чтобы не исполнял Андреа Бочелли–голос его бесподобен, великолепен!!!Сутками могу слушать его!!! Имя Бочелли останется на все Времена вместе с другими мировыми именами!!!

  15. how fool i am just to hear this now

  16. Sem palavras ❤️🙏💗💖

  17. Mielettömän hienoa 👍

  18. Music is feeling, language doesn't matter……..i love to sing along listening…. love from Lahore

  19. Wiedziałam że Elwis ciągle żyje!!!

  20. Andrea Bocelli es fenomenal

  21. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. This man is effortlessly great

  23. 😊👏👏 genius.

  24. Amazing Helping to relax the soul

  25. The person who dislike this song and video have no music soul


  27. My nightly routine is singing this song to my daughters before bed. Can just feel the love in the lyrics.

  28. Um clássico de Elvis, interpretado por esse gênio.

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