A Dog Who's Been Hiding In A Hole On The Rooftop For 3 Months | Animal in Crisis EP132

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There is a strange man who grills meat and keeps calling someone near a hole on the rooftop..?
He said that his puppy has been hiding inside the hole and never comes out for more than 3 months.
What’s wrong with them?


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  1. Mucho 😍 amor pero porque tienes al 🐶 atado, en una terraza???

  2. Great video and remember Jesús loves you accept him in your heart

  3. Naughty Puppy dog ! Happy Ending !😅😂

  4. 3 bulan main petak umpet

    Kuat juga tekadmu nak🤣🤣🤣

  5. This man has a pure heart❤

  6. Вы молодцы, побольше таких людей как вы

  7. Did anyone notice the cigarette in the food bowl? 1:49
    Or was it a treat🤔

  8. 💝 😍 04:41 Snicklefritz!💋💘❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣️💌 🌸 I'm inspired by you

  9. 😅 😚 02:30 4:43 в этот момент я почувствовал себя собакой. Ничего непонятно, что она говорит 😀 🍋 You deserve a hug right now.

  10. 🍅 🧡 03:14 Nobody:This sheep: PEACE WAS NEVER AN OPTION 💛 I like your style.

  11. 🎄 😗 03:41 😙 😅 01:26 Is there gonna be part 2? ❣ Everything would be better if more people were like you! 💚 Thank you for being there for me.

  12. 💟 🍍 05:27 EU AMO OS ANIMAIS! 💗 You have the courage of your convictions.

  13. 🍋 🍉 04:54 Grandpa looks so happy :') he has found peace. 🍌 You light up the room.

  14. 😗 🌺 01:50 Que perrita tan buena madre, es muy inteligente y valiente, ni siquiera las madres humanas hacen sacrificios como esos 😔 🍑 You're someone's reason to smile.

  15. 🌳 🍀 03:44 Glad she found that puppy now she’s a happy mama 🐕 🌿 You should be thanked more often. So thank you!

  16. 💙 😍 01:51 so cute😍 🌺 You're someone's reason to smile.

  17. this time the story was not sad, the truth was very strange

  18. 🍎 💝 03:15 I love how the camera man ran to get the kitten ❣ You are really kind to people around you

  19. ☘ 🖤 03:52 Я так волновалась, словят или нет? спасут или нет? Хорошо, что все закончилось хорошо… Котюня, удачи тебе! 💛 You're a candle in the darkness.

  20. 💟 🍎 03:56 Mis dos perritas peleandose xd 🙂 Thank you for being you.

  21. Clearly the dog don't want to stay there. It's lonely and it sucks being there.

  22. That man was like a little boy camping out, waiting to catch his pup so he could finally have his own dog lol.

    Every time I watch one of these videos I have to brace myself to cry a lot and feel disheartened by humanity (the animal abuse ones) so it's nice to get a light hearted one.

  23. なんかこの男性すっごいいい人そうww

  24. You are the poor souls sent by god on the eadth

  25. Lol this owner is funny but I would do the same for my pups huhu

  26. 옥상에 매두는 거 절대 비추에요. 햇빛에 개집 안이 얼마나 더운데요. 밤에 비바람 불면 혼자서 또 얼마나 무섭겠어요. 이제 6개월도 안된걸. 집안에다 교육시키면서 키우세요.

  27. deberia estar prohibido que gente obtusa tenga perro. inutil

  28. 2:57 the music tho

  29. the music makes it so much better

  30. was that a cigarette butt in the dog kibble? Well, thank you for helping that young man catch is dog, don't know what he would have done without your help.

  31. لك شني قواد اني اهننه

  32. I hope the owner can provide a better living space with a shade during the summer, bc it can get really hot outside.

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