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  1. Give me any dogecoin please..

  2. Lol, how much you making on this now?

  3. Hombre regalame doges porfa

  4. Don't make a deposit I've deposited in your account for 4 days

  5. how did you get 26 thousand gega hash power…? dont fool….liar…?

  6. DBjcHWwTUReSD5tC8H1tdqXuQaitM3CKxE
    1000Doge send plz

  7. hey Lad maybe u could help :)) btc 18BzD9NYtRu5DzPPSkvRJouS3qxVT6ZtQL

  8. With such humongous 25K GHS I will only go for $ mining.

  9. Make a clean video bro pls it will help to watch in Mobile also

  10. Hi CryptoSkillz so if I understand you correctly you put whatever Dogecoin you mine back in exchange for those 25k GHs for 24hours rental. Am I right ?

  11. Sir I'm new in eobot sir my GHz is 0.02 how can I grow fast my ghz can u help me sir thank you sir

  12. Please help me and my kids we are in trouble for foods any donation help us god bless EOBOT DODGE DAmF4ho5mgmgFR7UqXB3EJCG1aj5nARZqu EOBOT BTC 1J2cNtkFBKoYh2XauTGN6ZqJaALRZxrgHU LITECOIN LYfZapgU8mGaRvMaYp4XYYy5LAxjzqB4ey EOBOT DASH Xmc5QTYbc9kZTvz63RWndtBDBHxTCfMPJw EOBOT RIPPLE rB1za2ZVgDnNB7u8LbVN61k5nCByBUtXCA

  13. So inflation is huge guys, doge was like .0000024 when i was mining.

  14. If it goes to $0.01 and you have a Million Dogecoin you will have $10 000 not like $60 million

  15. How to get ghs of big amount

  16. you would have $400,000 not $600,000,000 (40,000,000 doge x $.01=$400,000)

  17. How many time to spend here…
    How do this

  18. Why do you need donations when you have gained that much of GHS's? You in principle can make it by yourself.
    I would need some donations because I have no idea when I at last will gain the same. 🙂

  19. 2,5 doge per sec ,216 000 doge a day !!! thats like 2000$ wow man

  20. How much doge do you have now or did you sell them off?

  21. eobot still paying out? can you show us how eobot pays out

  22. I wonder how much you spend to get that 25799 GHS ?

  23. Nice information offered here, thanks!

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