🌠#Lionel Messi 💪Height, Weight And Body Measurements😎- Interesting

Lionel Messi’s Body Measurements
In this Video we give all infrormation About :-
Age of Lionel Messi
Real Name of Lionel Messi
Height of Lionel Messi
Weight of Lionel Messi
Chest Size of Lionel Messi
Biceps of Lionel Messi
Waist of Lionel Messi
Shoe Size of Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi wife
Lionel Messi body
Lionel Messi six packs
Lionel Messi in gym
Lionel Messi workout, etc

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  1. What any intelligent person should take from this is that bigger has nothing to do with better when it comes to playing the most played game in human history. Where art meets athletics = soccer, the maestro = Messi

  2. If size mattered elephant would be the king of the jungle

  3. he used to 169 cm in 2013

  4. Im taller than him and im 13

  5. bicep 12inch mean 30.5 cm ??? really ???

  6. Messi: 5 foot 7 and 31
    Mbappe: 5 foot 10 and 19


  7. be th170cm WOW i am 17 and 165cm 🙂

  8. Messi is my all time favourite…and Ronaldo too…actually both are best in their own way…


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